Best Slot Machines to Play Online

Slots are becoming more and more popular among gamblers. Today many casinos offer you a vast number of slot machines that you can play online. But how do you make the right choice?

Let’s take a look at how to play correctly and the top 5 slots for American players in 2021.

Best strategies for online slots

Strategies are incredibly effective techniques of thought that are required to improve your chances of succeeding. Some are excellent for beginners, while others are very beneficial to seasoned gamblers.

Smart Gambler 

This method is both practical and straightforward. You can play online slots successfully with its assistance. The bottom line is to bet the minuscule amount feasible on only one line. As a result, the game will start sooner or later, which is the most advantageous for doubling. It will enable you to cover all of your expenses while also increasing your earnings.

It is vital to double the winnings till they reach a significant quantity. Due to this strategy, you can play absolutely any slots with a minimum risk of loss and a maximum probability of winning.


Zigzag is a highly effective strategy for playing slots online, aimed at the algorithms of the system. Its essence is to confuse artificial intelligence with constantly changing slots. That allows you to diversify the gameplay and try your luck at getting the jackpot.

It is necessary to play most chaotically and regularly change the slot settings. It is required to bet the same as before the lowest possible amount. Even after winning, you should change the slot settings without regret and continue playing with new parameters. This will lead to the fact that the system’s algorithms will get confused and not provide the least winning combinations.

Martingale Strategy

Although this approach is widely shared among gamblers, it is not used by everyone. In fact, with its assistance, you may defeat any machine, and the critical advantage is that a single victory can quickly recoup your investment.

You should only wager on one line at a time, and your first bet should always be the smallest feasible. Then, following each loss, the sum must be strictly doubled twice. Every year, a similar procedure should be followed.

Top-5 best Slots to play online

These slots have become the greatest of their kind, and many players enjoy them not just for their high payout percentages but also for their stunning aesthetics and thrilling prize tournaments. 

1. “Gonzo’s Quest” 

Over the last few years, this has been one of the most popular online casino game simulators. It features everything you need for a thrilling and engaging game:

  • A large number of winning combinations
  • A bonus round involving free spins with a higher win rate
  • Gorgeous music effects 

The slot’s distinguishing characteristics include:

  • An avalanche-like reel scrolling.
  • Game symbols in the style of Aztec stone slabs.
  • A wide variety of wagers ranging from 20 to 100 credits per payline.

2. “Book of Ra” 

According to numerous players’ feedback, this slot offers regular and significant winning combos. In addition, it has a fun bonus game with a generous bonus system and a classic card doubling round where you can triple your bonus earnings multiple times.

The machine’s distinguishing characteristics include a bonus game with 20 free spins, an appealing interface with an Ancient Egypt design, and a high payout rate of 94.3%.

3. “Mega Fortune” 

Three progressive jackpots, 25 pay lines, and a free spins bonus round are all included in this slot machine. Yachts, jewelry, and fancy limos are among the game icons in this slot. The simulator’s major attraction, though, is an exciting bonus game. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to spin a massive wheel of fortune for a chance to win the big prize.

The slot’s distinguishing qualities include addicting gameplay, high winnings, and the possibility of earning a jackpot.

4. “Crazy Monkey”

It is a legendary game simulator with amusing cartoon symbols and an intriguing prize level where you can win a large jackpot or be left with nothing after being hit in the head with a hard place. An average of 7 to 8 thousand people play this slot machine every day. Players smote him because of the engaging gameplay and the very high rate of return – 98 percent. The inclusion of a risk game, an innovative bonus round, and a pleasing design are all distinguishing elements of the slot.

5. “Divine Fortune”

Even with the tiniest wager, you can win the jackpot in this game. The route to every player’s cherished dream begins with a bonus level of three free spins. So if you fill 1 or 3 paylines with coins while using free spins, you may be the lucky jackpot winner. 

The machine’s distinguishing features include a high rate of return (96.59%), a wide range of wagers (0.2 to 100), and a progressive jackpot.


Now you know which slots will bring you the most fun and money. The main thing is to make the right choice, and then you can try your luck without unnecessary risks. 


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