Best tips to organize team-building activities!

Team building have you heard about it? Yes, we are sure you certainly have! But most probably, these words are caught amidst a football practice or a cricket match. But do you know these words play an essential role in corporate companies as well? Well, if you want your company to succeed and remain in its topmost position, perform better, and provide the best and unique offerings to your clients, you have to learn a lot about team spirit or unity. And team building activities are considered vital components of this phrase.

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Ø  How to organise beneficial team building activities? 

First of all, you need to know why you must organise these team building activities. Well, these have various advantages for you as an entrepreneur or the head of a company. These are:

  • Helping your employees to be acquainted with each other
  • Facilitating better communication happens in the workplace — even the workers who haven’t talked to each other for long do so through these activities
  • Lead to a happy ambience in the company
  • Organising philanthropic events and activities help other NGOs and lead to better social and economic development.
  • Bringing in more vigour and excitement in your employees, which automatically leads to zest and zeal at work – meaning more growth and profit for you
  • When different minds meet, creativity levels are enhanced, and you gain through these unique ideas

This seems all enticing to you, isn’t it? But to enjoy all these benefits, ensure you are considering these essential factors when organising the team building activities.

1.   Get the experts to handle the meetups – Read this again – if you don’t know how to organise and carry forward the team building activities, don’t try! Your company’s happy work culture and even future are at stake, and we don’t want any blunders to happen here. Instead, you can hire experts who have trained personnel to manage and organise such meetups regularly. For instance, we can suggest Odyssey Teams. Their team building icebreakers are well known to shift even the largest drifts amongst your employees. They organise more such activities and games both offline and virtually to bring teams together happily. If they handle your sessions, you are definitely going to view positive results on the first meeting itself.

2.  Don’t keep participation mandatory – We suggest — never ever try to force your employees to participate in the games and activities. Some might be very shy or introverted and might not be comfortable opening up on the first meeting itself. Yes, after a few sessions, they will automatically blend with others and enjoy it excitedly.

3.  Don’t keep a lot of gap between the events – If you are trying the team building meetups then, ensure that you are holding them regularly. The mutual understanding that happens in a meeting may reduce after a long gap of time. To ensure that this understanding never seizes, keep it occasionally and as frequently as possible.

4.  Appoint an entertaining host –If the professionals host your team building meetings, you do not need to worry about this issue. But if you are organising it by yourself, ensure that somebody who has a perfect command of speech and has an entertaining persona hosts the event. The person should also have a good sense of humour and a strong confidence level that can instigate even the most silent person in the meeting to talk and participate with excitement.

5.  Trivia and fun questions are vital – You need maximum participation and collaboration from your employees in these team building meetings. And this doesn’t happen if you are only providing them long lectures on unity and integrity. Ensure that you are asking them fun questions and holding up trivia. It ensures they are present mentally and physically in the event and love participating at free will.

Apart from all these essential factors, you can also arrange for a lunch or snack treat for your employees. You also have a great chance to ask work-related queries (but no status meetings here, please!) and if there’s anything that makes them uncomfortable in the company. Studies prove these meetups are successful around 98% of the time in a company. You only need to factor in our tips to see the positive results.


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