Best Ways to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

Was there a time when you had an expensive electric bill? If yes, it can be due to your lifestyle. The way how you handle them can affect consumption. While electricity is an essential need, you must conserve what you can. Too much use of electricity will lead to higher bills to pay. It is one reason why companies are selling inverter appliances and LED lights.

For the consumer, it is possible to lessen the impact of electricity. How? You can follow this article to know the ways of saving electricity. Let’s get started!

Turn off lights and appliances

When not in use, turn them off. Any lights or appliances that are left on are consuming electricity. For example, a cathode-ray tube television with its digital box on standby consumes 16 watts of electricity. It is equivalent to PHP57.60 of wasted electricity per month. When you turn off one LED light bulb for six hours you save PHP25 a month. You can do this to all appliances. When in use, turn them on. After use, turn it off. It is that simple.

Use LED lights

According to the Department of Energy, LED lights conserve 50% more electricity. Almost all houses and buildings have been converted using LED to save costs. If you want better energy conservation, Ecolum can help you with that. Having cost-effective lights can make a big difference to your electric bill.

Maintain air conditioners

People in the Philippines rely on air conditioners, especially in the summer. Therefore, it is expected that higher bills are due to these appliances. When not in use, clean the air conditioner. Air conditioners can take in layers of dust and dirt into the air throughout the year. When it is too much, it can damage the motor. If you know a service that cleans the air conditioner, do avail it. It can save you time and money.

Unplug unused appliances

Much like turning off appliances, you need to unplug them. Even if the appliance is off, it will keep consuming electricity as long as it is plugged in. You can plug them in again if you are going to use them.

Do not unplug appliances that need to be on, such as your refrigerator and similar ones. These appliances have to stay in use to maintain their quality.

Clean your refrigerator

A dirty refrigerator can consume more energy to keep the freshness of your food. At the same time, it is a good idea to clean your refrigerator. Why? While it consumes electricity, think of the food you have in the refrigerator. Any spoiled food is bad for you.

As much as possible, lessen the time to leave the refrigerator door open. An open refrigerator makes seven percent of electric consumption if you open the refrigerator 42 times a day.


Saving money on electricity takes many simple steps. It can be a small habit to build over time. Once you know what should be done, you will be able to save. Be sure that you use lights and appliances at the right time.

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