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Best WhatsApp Marketing Tool for Small Business in 2022

WhatsApp has been growing its customer base slowly over the years. The digital platform does not support advertisements like Facebook or Instagram; however, marketers widely use it for branding and marketing.

Businesses of different sizes turn to WhatsApp to reach their customers with personalized messages and maintain a happy client base. Online specialists have taken this concept a step higher by designing a WA Web sender tool to link with your business account. These tools make sending bulk advertising, engaging with customers, and generating reports easier.

So then, here are the 6 best WhatsApp marketing tools that startups owners are looking for, which can help them get started in 2022.


WhatsApp Rocket is a WhatsApp sending tool which you download and send messages to all users in the list. You can download it for free and use it as a WhatsApp Web Sender. There are multiple options in this where you can send messages as bulk or upload a CSV and send. You can also customize the messages and send them too.

Please do try it out for free.


The WA WhatsApp marketing tool puts tons of features at your fingertips to help you connect with your customers easily and flexibly. Actually, all that you need to deliver your messages instantly is WA Web Messenger and fast internet connectivity.

It’s easy to use WA messenger to send unlimited bulk messages and give instant responses to your customers. In fact, you can send different media files because this WhatsApp marketing tool does not have format restrictions. Additionally, this tool works with multiple extensions and then works with that too.

3.  Whatso

This leading WhatsApp marketing automation software is a perfect fit for both small and large businesses. The more than 25,000 businesses using Whatso are generating amazing results due to the tool’s advanced features.

Businesses can still send messages to potential and loyal customers despite getting blocked because of the anti-blocking technology. In addition, you can make your marketing campaign interesting by attaching images, audio, videos, and vCard files.

4. Whappext

As a result of its global support, Whappext allows you to connect with potential and loyal customers worldwide. You can filter out inactive numbers before sending bulk messages, thus increasing the deliverability rate of your message.

The WhatsApp marketing tool has an auto-responder feature to put your campaigns in autopilot mode. Additionally, you can generate a detailed report at the end of the product or brand awareness initiative or promotion. This data will help you make better decisions to improve future marketing activities.

5. Waam-it

The automated WhatsApp marketing tool allows you to send bulk messages in various supporting files. Waam-it is an artificially intelligent software that enables businesses to create and manage their campaigns.

The WhatsApp bulk marketing tool sends 5000 texts per hour worldwide, at a reasonable budget and with a high level of security. Further, attaching photos and videos makes your marketing campaign interesting and helps retain an engaged customer base.

6. WappBlaster

The intuitively designed WhatsApp marketing tool has several features that help you send bulk messages. Pitching to your current and potential is straightforward because WappBlaster has no character limit.

Further, the tool has multi-language functionality that allows you to send texts, videos, and text in different languages. You can also generate a report at the end of your marketing campaign.

7. RapBooster

The WhatsApp web tool is the best option for generating effective communication with customers. Although RapBooster doesn’t offer free trials, it’s a simple-to-use WhatsApp automation software.

Its advanced features include number filtration, bulk message sending, auto-pilot modes, and campaign statistics and reports. It’s also the tool for a low-budget plan.


WhatsApp is a highly used platform, and it’s important to take your business there. Above are the 6 best WhatsApp marketing tools for startups in 2022 that they can use in their marketing campaign.

You can download these WhatsApp sender tools from this website and dive into the emerging software trends. They will help you effectively and cost-efficiently convert potential buyers into a happy and loyal client base.


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