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Best WordPress plugins of 2021

Plugins are add-ons that you install on your WordPress page to add new functionality to it. They are easy to install, and this is the main advantage of why many today choose to use ready-made plugins instead of encoding separate parts of the website. but reviewing wordpress plugins before use is important as it gives you the critical point of view.

In the menu on the left, select Plugins, click Add new, use search to find the desired plugin, start the installation and finally enable the plugin.

There are a few things that can tell you more about the quality of your chosen plugin:


  1. Does the plugin have a high rating?

A high score is a criterion that you must approach with a certain amount of caution. Not all well-rated plugins are worth installing on your WordPress site. A high grade would not guarantee the quality if only a small number of people participated in the evaluation.

  1. How many websites are currently using this plugin?

The number of active installations is one of the strongest proofs of the quality of plugins because users do not use plugins that do not do their job correctly.

  1. How often is the plugin updated, or when was the last update?

One of the essential things is when the last update of the plugin was? Although at first, it does not seem that way. WordPress has significant updates several times a year. That is why it is imperative that the plugin also has regular updates to be compatible with the current version of WordPress. Updates are also important because they correct both security and other bugs related to the plugin’s functionality.

  1. What do plugin users think of it in their reviews?

If the plugin rating is high and the plugin has many active installations, isn’t that sufficient proof of quality? Then why read the comments? Some plugins work great at the start, but it can happen that their functionality is not at the same level over time. You will find out best if you peek into the comments. You will also find out the most common problems that users of this plugin encounter in the same place.

  1. How complicated is it to install and use the plugin?

Some plugins are easier to use, but you need to put in a lot of effort to get them up and running with some.

If you wonder which five plugins you must have on your website, check out our list of the best plugins for 2021!

WP Reset – Safety First.

With this plugin, it is hard to go wrong.

You do not have to worry about what if something is accidentally deleted on the page. The WordPress  Reset plugin offers so many powerful and robust tools that you will enjoy the security with it.

You have started making a website, but you do not like how it all looks, and you want to go back to the beginning.With the Nuclear Reset tool, you can do this in a few strokes.

You want to run a plugin update or switch to a new topic, but you are unsure if you will get everything you expect.With the help of a Snapshot tool, you will do that before each similar activity and return to that state before starting the update quickly.You accidentally deleted one of the users, or the core file was deleted. Do not panic. Just run the Emergency Recovery Tool, and everything will be resolved very quickly.

You realize that it takes a lot of time to install each plugin individually, and your site has become very slow and overcrowded.Why does it this way when it is possible to create a Collection in WP Reset? Put all those plugins you want to use on the website, and start their installation at once.Everything will be ready in a few minutes, and best of all, you do not need any unique coding knowledge for this plugin. So, who would not put this plugin in the first place among the best plugins for 2021 that you must have!


WP Sticky

You realize that your visitors spend a lot of time looking for crucial things on your website. As simple as it may seem to you, it is a complex story for them.Therefore, it would be great if everything in the header follows them as they browse your website. You can make this with the WP Sticky plugin and make a sticky header in less than a minute. And not only to turn your website header into a sticky element that will follow the site visitor, but it is also already possible to do this with many other elements on your website.

It works great on both desktop and mobile views of the website, you do not need additional coding knowledge, and for every doubt you encounter, you have the team’s professional support that made this plugin.

Coming Soon WP

You have decided to create a new website, redesign an existing one, or want to announce the arrival of a new product or service on your website? Still, you do not know how to keep visitors’ attention when the website is under construction?

With the help of the Coming Soon WP Plugin, you can choose from dozens of well-designed themes and videos that will keep the attention of each user and provide the necessary information about the date of return to the desired content of your website.

It hides from the public eye everything you do and serves as a Coming Soon interface and message to every casual and intentional visitor. It increases the chances of visitors staying in touch with your website both when technical work is needed on it and when it is unavailable to them.

WP301 Redirects

Redirection is the transmission of a user from a URL that no longer works to the new location. 301 redirect represents a permanent redirect. It tells users and search engines, “That information is now in a different location.”

There are three main reasons to use redirection:

  • Linking web conventions to one URL to maximize domain jurisdiction.
  • Changing website names to another URL.
  • Redirecting traffic to a website with multiple URLs owned by the same person.

When it comes time to redirect, your best friend will become the WP 301 redirects plugin. This plugin has a simple interface and errorless performance. You do not need more than one minute to set it up. Find your old page, add the new link for redirection and click done. Piece of cake!

Google Maps Widget

You have realized that it is much nicer to have a map of your location next to the address in the footer of your website, but when you put the .jpg folder, it simply is not that.

You want to connect to Google Maps, but you do not know how to choose the right plugin.

Simple to use, quick to implement, and not tailored to your technical skills – Google Map Widget plugin is an add-on that will make your job easier.

You can find a lot of significant customizations that will fit into any website design.

This plugin will not slow down the speed of your site, and for any problems when setting up the plugin, you will always have the quick and professional help of the team that created it.

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