Biggest Developments for Online Gaming (2022)

When it comes to global entertainment, online casino gaming is one of the most varied and profitable sectors. Given how many people around the world log onto their favorite site to play slots or roulette, there’s been a rollout of quality platforms and trustworthy brands to choose from.

Platforms should always consult a knowledgeable real-money gaming attorney to ensure their marketing, gameplay, safeguards, and structure pass regulatory muster.

In order to keep building on the number of players who use their site, many brands stay at the forefront of technology. This enables them to create new gaming opportunities. In the last two years, some of the biggest advances in successful online casinos have been live dealers, who emulate a ‘real’ casino experience, and live chats for certain card games to create a social atmosphere.

Looking ahead, the options for casino gamers will only continue to diversify—especially as advancements in technology help bridge entertainment experiences directly from a consumer’s home. So, looking ahead, what can casino gamers expect in 2022 or in the coming years?

Partnerships with Sportsbooks

In places like the US, some state laws require online gaming companies to partner with existing brick-and-mortar brands. This has led to partnerships between online casinos and top sportsbooks, such as Unibet’s partnership with Mohegan Sun in Pennsylvania.

In some areas, like the aforementioned Pennsylvania, this allows developers to create online gaming options that are specific to local interests. For example, the best casino promo PA doesn’t just include a competitive offer—it also comes with Unibet’s unique collaboration with Philadelphia’s Eagles NFL team, which has seen the rollout of Eagles-branded slots, blackjack, and more.

A Pivot Toward VR & AR

While VR and AR have taken longer to take off than many entertainment specialists predicted back in the mid-2010s, top-tier companies are still looking to adapt the technologies for their online gaming customers. However, with limited interest in VR and AR from gamers, these pushes are still minimal.

In fact, established brands haven’t felt the need to pivot toward VR and AR quite yet. For now, some brands are looking to build out a VR platform from the ground up in order to establish themselves as a ‘VR-first casino’. These projects are designed as physical casinos in a virtual realm, rather than an adaptation of one certain slot or table game. 

Crypto-Ready Platforms

Similar to VR and AR, top online casino brands haven’t quite shifted toward blockchain and cryptocurrency. This isn’t for lack of ability, but a lack of demand from gamers. And, like with VR casinos, many companies are building out their platforms from a foundational level to cater to crypto users.

This means there aren’t any established brands offering real-money crypto casino games, as the companies that do offer crypto gaming services have launched in the last few years. While some names are carving out their place at the top of the pack, the industry for crypto casinos is still quite young, which can make finding a quality platform a challenge.


F2P Emphasis

In the gaming industry, casino and beyond, there’s a growing emphasis on free-to-play or F2P platforms. These are most common for mobile gamers, who will download a free app and then play with a few microtransactions expected to pop up. However, this type of format could become popular for casinos in the coming year.

A F2P rollout from casinos would allow anyone to play a game for free, then opt into smaller transactions that will help them unlock new levels or advance in the game. At the moment, casino platforms have yet to adapt a F2P model—games are either free or for money.

However, as F2P models continue to spread from mobile gaming into other sectors, like video games and casino games, there’s bound to be some sort of combination for popular games like slots or roulette.


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