Boat Escapes To Combat Lockdowns: The Perfect Trips And Events

Boats are a popular tourist attraction all over Australia, and with several companies offering various boats and yachts for hire, they are also effortlessly accessible. Australia is also home to some of the world’s famous boat shows like the Sydney International Boat Show. This show filled the ICC stadium in Sydney on its 100th showing in 2017, not a minor feat. Sydney boat hire is well-known globally for the various yachts, boats, etc., models they offer. People can hire boats for cruises or events, and certain regions in Australia also allow people to live on boats.


Boat hire in Sydney is a popular activity for various reasons. People can hire boats on a daily or weekly basis with additional features like catering and decor. Charters like yachts, sailboats, etc., can go further into the water, allowing for a vacation feel. Surrounded by water and clear skies, people can celebrate significant events or kick back and relax to soak in the view. Boat hire companies and agencies have vast boat fleets to ensure a variety of experiences for their customers. People can choose the boat type best suited to their requirements effortlessly, and the agency might also provide affiliate services depending on the customer’s requests.


Boats offer experiences for a single person or large groups and support other activities like water sports, fishing, parties, etc.


Weddings are probably the most popular boat events and usually require yachts, sailboats, or larger charters, depending on the headcount. Wedding events require extensive decor from the aisle to seating, arches, catering stations, etc. Sailboats are the ideal option, as the couple can wed on the bow deck, with seating at the quarterdeck. Event planners can choose to set up the venue whichever way they like.


Birthday parties usually have fewer people than weddings, and people can opt for yachts or similar boats. Sailboats make for excellent lighting decor venues, and people can have night parties on these boats to celebrate their birthdays in style. Boats also come with multiple decks offering more decor options for event planners. Celebrating birthdays far into the sea is a unique experience, and people can blast music as loud as they want without worrying about disturbing people.


The most traditional activity on a boat is fishing. Boat hire agencies have specific fishing boats for the various water bodies in Australia. People can hire smaller motorboats to

Fish in low tides or shallow waters like rivers and lakes. They can also hire larger boats to fish in the ocean for more exotic catches. The fishing boats come equipped with all accessories like storage, bait tanks, fishing seats, etc.


Staycations are the newest trends worldwide, and boat staycations allow for a unique experience. Boat staycations require houseboats that offer all amenities of a hotel room in the middle of the ocean. People can choose to stay on these boats for a single night or more. Houseboats can effortlessly accommodate ten or more people, making it an excellent option for group vacations. Houseboats may be slightly expensive, but group travellers can afford them better. The houseboat also has staff to cater to the residents’ needs, ensuring a worry-free vacation.

The boating industry in Australia brings in 8 trillion AUD annually and is one of the significant contributors to the Australian economy. Australia has a global name for boat hires. These agencies offer premium quality services that impress all their customers, which explains their continued profits over time. People should include a Sydney boat hire in their Australian vacation for a never before experience.


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