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Breaking Down e Clinical EMR For a Keen Analysis

eClinical Software

e Clinical EMR is an award-winning healthcare solution that has been around for ages. With its years of experience, it offers trustworthy services to 130,000 providers and over 850,000 medical professionals nationwide.

It caters to the needs of over 50 specialties that include ambulatory care and urgent care services. Adding to it, this solution offers both web-based and on-premise deployment options. For this very reason, it has a massive customer base and thus scores a large market chuck.

This innovative solution offers a virtual assistant in its latest version for enhanced patient safety. It enables doctors to compare present and past medical records and many more. Also, it offers a risk assessment tool to figure-out patients at risk.

e Clinical Reviews

Reviews of e Clinical EMR are a reliable source for getting to know this software better. Instead of just highlighting the vendor’s salient perks and pitfalls, they let users explore what lies ahead. As a result, you can get an idea about the quality of all the offered features and services.

Generally, e Clinical EMR enjoys excellent user reviews and a 4.5-star user rating. But as this article is about evaluating the vendor, we’ll look into the details hidden within the public opinion. So let’s move ahead to the prime features of the vendor.

Features Highlighted in e Clinical Reviews

We have listed down the top-rated services and capabilities of e Clinical software.

Robust Patient Portal

The patient portal is the backbone of this solid EMR vendor.  ecw eClinicalWorks designed this tool for the ease and convenience of patients. The physicians using this software say that this tool has improved the patient experience greatly.

It gives clients easy access to all medical records, including past history, charts, progress notes, imaging and lab reports, and invoices. Above all, the portal comprises educational resources. And it truly helps in engaging patients.

Clinicians just have to share the log-in credential with their clients to let them in on their records. Interestingly, this portal is updated automatically, and all the documents are aligned well. This automated process and record digitizing keep the client database safe.

Claims and Denials Management

To begin with, eClinicalWorks EMR offers a feature-rich claims management module. It performs a to-the-point eligibility check on all new patients. This quick process checks and reviews all insurance-related information about the patients.

It helps prepare consolidated payments and factual claims to ensure the survival of medical practices—the software scrubs error-induced claims with its claim scrubbing tool. And then processes the claims for advanced checking and proofreading.

Doing so reduces the physician’s vulnerability and exposure to denials. And thus, it helps to have a solid database to maximize reimbursements. In addition, the vendor ensures a 99.9% first-pass claim acceptance rate, which boosts revenue generation.

Seamless Integration

When it comes to integration, most customers think it is just about integrating services within the software. But that’s not the case with ecw eClinicalWorks. Lab and pharmacy integration is the plus-point of this platform.

This remarkable software integrates with multiple large-grade healthcare facilities and care management centers. It aims to deliver a centralized platform where users can access a series of benefits. The integration enables doctors to work with a stress-free mind.

They have a pool of knowledgeable clientele at their fingertips. With integration, this vendor offers interoperability capability, too. So, medical professionals can reach out to experts and specialists whenever they feel stuck at some point.

Consistent Support

Customer support and help desk of e Clinical EMR are way beyond practitioners’ expectations. The support team of this EMR system goes a long way to help physicians tackle clinical queries. In addition, the software’s help desk is designed on top-class medical technology.

There are teams assigned for catering to different issues of the clients in a well-organized manner. As a result, it automatically sent all customer requests to the right groups, which saves time sorting the send-in requests and complaints.

Support teams of eClinical software are highly responsive and effective. They are available for the clients 24/7 and are consistent in efficiently solving all issues providers face. This ensures no healthcare provider suffers significant downtime because of delays in request handling.

Intuitiveness and High-usability

There’s no better cloud-based solution than this when it comes to intuitive functionality. This intuitive software offers AI-driven capability. It efficiently processes the needs of all individual practices and then sets itself accordingly.

It efficiently processes clients’ needs and aligns the features to their requirements, saving precious time. By having attuned software that fits users’ preferences, they feel at ease. For instance, it filters out the specific template that a physician uses and brings it forth automatically.

This, in turn, improves the usability rate of this solution. As it suggests the desired features beforehand, physicians can spend their quality time on more critical tasks like patient diagnosis. This intuitiveness and usability significantly increase the client satisfaction rate.

e Clinical Cost

All physicians need to consider the cost of e Clinical EMR. Its cost range for the EHR-only module is $449 per month per user. And its EHR bundled with the Practice Management solution is  available at $599 per month per user.

This difference in the pricing structure is because of the additional features. Besides these two packages, the vendor has listed the rate of collection it charges for RCM service. In addition, it charges 2.9% for its revenue cycle management services, which is affordable for all practices.

It charges no initial implementation cost. On top of that, the platform’s on-side training service costs nothing. That’s not all. Here’s the catch, it offers a free data conversion facility from any existing vendor to this one with zero probability of data loss.

Wrap UP with e Clinical EMR Demo

The web-hosted solution facilitates its users with a free demo. Scheduling a demo with e Clinical software also helps better understand how the software operates. It also clears any queries users to have regarding the software’s functioning.

Before considering it as the final option, all healthcare providers should opt for e Clinical EMR demo. Maybe this phenomenal software is a little too much for them. However, the demonstration video can help dodge any unpleasant circumstances beforehand.


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