If you are a corporate individual and you have a five day working week coming ahead, you probably must be thinking about what clothing options may be available for you. In case, you have no idea and you really do not know how you will get through this, it is time to relax, I am here to guide you through it. This article will help all the professional men out there to understand what options are available for them. In case you do not even know what business casual attire is, let me help! This is outfit for professional men. It is a great blend of casual and business or corporate style. As comfortable as your casual wear and as professional as your business wear, this attire is just appropriate for occasions such as job interviews, job fairs and informal meetings at work. Following are some of the clothing options available for men, if they are looking for something that is both casual and professional:



Many men tend to exaggerate when it comes to pants. They try to wear jeans, especially black jeans. Well, that is not allowed. It is recommended that you choose chinos or suit pants. Fortunately, lately there are numerous types of dress pants on the market. This gives men the opportunity to choose the one best suited for their style. You can find others with zippers, zippers, and buttons. Others may be wrinkled or flat. The choice is yours. Dark pants have become too common. In summer, you can try beige or white chinos. Dark blue and olive green pants are best for winter. Just ensure the pants fit snugly on you and aren’t oversize and don’t cover the whole shoe.



As you’ve probably noticed, a lot of men in your office love to wear shirts. Yes, this is permitted more often, especially when it is summer. However, in case you want your clothing to adhere to casual business protocols and regulations, then wearing white shirt with a collar is an excellent idea. Shirts are often available in different colors such as lavender, white, blue, light pink with patterns and stripes, and mint green. More often than not wear classic designs. Seize wearing outfits that are too daring, even if it is the latest in fashion. Always remember to drag your shirts inside and do your best to iron tit. Even the shirt looks great when worn over pants. To make the shirt more casual, you can unbutton a button or two at the top of the shirt. In the event that you have a tie or hair in your chest, let the buttons be fastened.


This is an area where many men tend to get confused. They don’t know how to match their socks or what type and color to wear. As this also falls under the business casual outfit, it is recommended not to wear colorful patterned socks. Your only choice is to use a pair of dark socks, or beige. One thing to remember here is that when you sit down in your chair in the office, your socks slide out and can be noticed. Therefore, try to purchase a color that complements the rest of your attire. In case you are not certain, try blending your socks with your pants. As you expand, you can blend your socks with your shirt or not. However, seizeusing similar matches, bright colors and patterns. Preferably, buy a pair of black, navy and tan socks and completely forget about this stress of business casual wear.


Cardigans and Sweaters

These outfits make casual office exciting and comfortable. While a few companies permit men to wear sweaters and cardigans during the winter, some companies always see them as replacements for a jacket. But for the business casual style, it is recommended to wear something beautiful, light, appropriate and strong. You may experiment with colors, but not with patterns. Particularly if you need to use patterned pants or shirts. If you adore black pants or shirts, attempt lightening it up with a bright yellow or a redcardigan.


Jackets do not complement your outfits. They are like sweaters. They only provide warmth in the cold season. Men have the option of choosing blazers, tweet jackets, or plain jackets. A jacket is allowed as long as it does not give the impression that you are going to a ball game. Always buy a jacket that is specifically designed for use in the office. It ought to appearofficial unlike that jacket you use during the weekend. However, it is not as official as the dark suit that you store in the wardrobe. Lately, blendingyour pants with your blazer is not mandatory. In fact, by using a jacket and pants of different shades, you enhance your business casual style.



No need to wear a tie. But if you like, you can go ahead. More often, a tie makes you look smart and is an incredible addition to a business casual outfit. It helps you feel more professional. For instance, if you like light colored blazers, a fitted tie may make it look toned. In the event that you love tight shirts and pants, a striped tie can add excitement and variety to your personality.



This is one area also that men struggle with. They always wear sneakers and sports shoes and believe that this is the best outfit. But is not. Men are advised to choose from oxfords, derbies, brogues, loafers, monks, and dress shoes. These types of shoes complement business casual wear. Ensure to buy a shoe that fits exactly with your outfit, and try to buy two or three pairs of black, brown, or beige footwear. Remember to match your shoes with your belt. For example, if it is a black leather belt, the shoes should also be black leather etc.



In ancient times, there were restrictions on the type of hairstyle to make. Usually it used to be tall and tight. However, as the days go by, more and more offices are accepting various hairstyles due to different cultures and religions.


What you should avoid when selecting business casual outfits


Here is what you should avoid when trying to choose your attire.


  1. To Buggy or large

You will see many men in the office wearing buggy pants or shirts. Sometimes it makes them feel free, but from a general point of view, it is unprofessional. You can wear it on the weekend or during a sports game, but not in the office. It will make you look like a stranger. Always choose the best outfit that exactly suits your body. Tailors always use the letters S, M, XL to indicate clothing size. Check what size fits you and don’t buy anything big or small. It should suit you. And if you are not sure which shirt or pants will fit you, you can ask your designer for help. Here are some rules that you should also keep in mind when looking for an outfit for your business casual wear:

  • Let the pants reach your shoes, but do not cover them.
  • Let the belt fit snugly around your waist and do not set it too high or too low.
  • Shirt sleeves must end at the start of your waist.


  1. Be Smart About Colors

It common that men don’t know how to blend colors well.  If you get yourself on the wrong side when trying to choose the right colors to wear to your office, you are advised to wear blue or white buttons downs. Yellow or pink is good unless you know how to match them well and with what outfit.  Many businesses worldwide allow you to play with colors. They don’t care, all they want is productivity. If you need advice on the right colors to choose, you may ask your friends anytime you are stack. But you may also go for yellowish brown, cool yellow, greenish beige and light blue shirts and pair perfectly with a variety of pants, blazers, and ties. Avoid white shirts, they have become common. Include strips and dots. They will make you stand out from a crowd without breaking your casual wear.


When choosing a pair of pants, consider buying brown, white, beige, or olive. You can also choose patterned pants, which will look austere and casual at the same time. Do not forget a belt, you must include it, either leather or fabric. And you should be careful to blend the belt with your shoes. Solid coats are great, especially if you’ve chosen leather clothing. A leather coat is a must in a man’s wardrobe.


  1. Avoid cheap clothes

Yes, you will save a lot by buying cheap clothes, but in your mind you bought cheap clothes. These garments usually wear out after a short period of time or stretch after the first day of washing. It will only add to the dirt in your trash can before a single season is over. When trying to find clothes that fit you well and shows your personality, you should spend more on clothes. Shop for clothing at an approved store or boutique and avoid second-hand clothes. Sometimes, however, used clothing seems appropriate for your casual wear. You are always asked to check the label to find the materials from which it was designed.


Clothes with over 15% polyester or viscose will likely look softer and lighter. But in the event your shirt is 45% synthetic, you have a problem. When it is low, it may assist design a great shirt be more form fitting or relaxing. These fabrics may as well be utilized to save cash over natural items.


One way to check if the fabric you bought is cheap is that the plastic buttons usually come off or are not positioned correctly. So before you go shopping for a shirt, be sure to check the buttons and if it creates wrinkles. If you do not have time to iron, then it is better to choose something that does not wrinkle.


  1. Avoid Sportswear or ripped jeans

It is not recommended to wear this type of clothing, even if it falls under the category of casual clothing. Always avoid wearing these clothes, as it will not make you look more professional. Clothing with big words, logos, and images should also be avoided. It shows immaturity, especially if you occupy a position of responsibility in the company. If you are a junior employee in a company, take a look at what your seniors are wearing and try to emulate them. Wear something that represents your personality and shows how serious you are. Other items to avoid entirely include stylish polo shirts, oversized blazers, casual street jeans, sweatpants, overalls, casual sneakers, sandals, and clothing with too many attention-grabbing colors and prints.


  1. Avoid Hats

Hats are only recommended for people who follow a particular culture or religion. Otherwise, they are not recommended in the office as they generate a form of attention and do not show seriousness.



Fashion changes every day and new clothes are hitting the market. If you are looking for a good business casual outfit in the market, you’d better read our review and make the right choice. With different styles and trends popping up on a regular basis, choosing the best ones based on your needs and budget can be a daunting task. It is a difficult process. But byfollowing our guide, you will learn more. In general, business casual for men means wearing professional clothes and having the image of an elegant and relaxed man, halfway between casual outfits and what is worn on the street. The clothes we have highlight will help you look more presentable and professional. Avoid embarrassment and being a laughing stock in your office. Dress smartly and be a role model.

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