Buying A Used Car? Crucial Things To Consider

When buying a previously owned car, you’ll need to shop around with a different approach than you would when purchasing a new vehicle. You won’t have the buyers’ security that comes with buying new because your car won’t come directly from the manufacturer.

Unfortunately, there are a few relevant risks associated with buying used cars, like the possibility of concerning accident history, legal disputes, voided warranties, an underpowered engine, and even hidden information about the car, to mention a few.

Instead of buying blindly, it’s wise to consider these crucial things to find the right used car.

A Thorough Inspection

A pre-purchase inspection is the most fundamental step to prioritize when buying a used car. Make sure the vehicle you’re thinking of buying has gone through a pre-purchase inspection service.

If you are purchasing the vehicle privately, you’ll need to enforce this inspection yourself, and sometimes, you might need to bring along your own auto mechanic to conduct the assessment.

Extended Warranty

Next, ensure the vehicle is covered by an extended warranty for cars over 100k miles because the manufacturer’s warranty will have worn off. You can purchase this service contract separately if the vehicle is not covered with an extended warranty.

Vehicle History

It’s also crucial to know the history of the vehicle you are purchasing. Suppose the car has been in any major collisions in the past. In that case, it will likely need major repairs frequently, and the costs associated with maintaining such a vehicle can be astronomical.

It’s best to find a used car that has not been involved in any significant accidents because collisions impact the longevity of all the engine components, even if the vehicle has been repaired properly.

Ownership And Car Title

If you are buying through a reputable auto dealership, you will be given the car title, and changing the ownership is a step that is handled for you.

But if you are purchasing the car through an individual, you will need to confirm that the individual is the true owner. Confirm this using the seller’s identification number.

Test Drive

It should go without saying that a test drive is vital, whether you are buying new or used. But a test drive is even more critical when buying a used car because driving the vehicle will give you a first-hand experience of what the car has to offer you in terms of performance, comfort, and practicality.


Finally, it’s also vital to budget for the vehicle. And budgeting for a car goes far beyond affording the purchase price.

You’ll need to afford insurance premiums, fuel, the warranty plan, maintenance, and repair costs. So assess all these costs relevant to the particular vehicle model you are interested in buying to determine if you can afford the purchase long-term.

Even though there are risks involved when buying a used car, with the right approach and knowledge, you can buy a reliable pre-owned vehicle with absolute confidence.


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