California Electrical Continuing Education for Residential Contractors

California allows license renewal through its licensing board or the relevant state agencies. For residential contractors’ licenses are renewed after three years. To get a residential permit, a contractor is mandated to pass business and law exams. After the lapse of 3 years, general electricians’ and residential contractors’ licenses expire and are needed to undergo mandatory California electrical continuing education for 32 hours.

At RocketCert, contractors that choose to work with us get to enjoy the best continuing education that ensures a smooth license renewal process. Besides, we have a wealth of references that one can use during their exams. All our packages are backed by the No Pass, No Pay guarantee policy.

Continuing Education for Residential

The state of California clearly states that a contractor with a valid residential permit must undergo 32 hours of continuing education to get it renewed. Besides, they must prove to have 2,000 hours of work experience in their field of specialization. Our training packages can be accessed through a smartphone or a device with an internet connection. The continuing education allows self passed access to avoid inconveniencing contractors.

Our packages cover all the stipulated courses and go further to affect our contractors with practical knowledge. We work with experienced educators to write and narrate the courses to ensure you never waste your time. Choose to work RocketCert to get your license renewed and you will be happy to attain a new license.

How to Renew a Residential Contractor License in California

After the lapse of 3 years, our license is due for renewal. The state of California requires all contractors holding a residential license to enroll for continuing education for 32 hours. Besides, they must prove to have accumulated 2,000 hours of work experience. At RocketCert, we offer our clients the best continuing education packages and reliable guidance throughout the process. Besides, we have a reliable library of references that you can use during exams.

Buy Approved Continuing Education Package: At Rockcert, we deliver the best continuing education resources.

Finish Your Training: Once you purchase a training package from us you will have lifetime access to it. However, we know it will take you a short period to get through the training.

Get Your Certificate: Once you are done with your training, print your certificate to prove completion of the course. On completing the 32 hours of continuing education, we notify the state board the next business day.

License Renewal: This is the final stage and all you need is to visit the PLB website and follow the procedures laid down.

Topics Covered for Residential License Renewal

Worker’s compensation

Safety procedures for the workplace

Training on the latest building technologies and techniques

Training on regulatory, legislative,

Training on functional business techniques

Why Work with RocketCert?

RocketCert strives to give the best training experience for all contractors’ working with us. You are not only assured of the best training and enjoying the process as you get your California electrical continuing education. Besides, use the best technology in delivering content to our customers, making sure their access is self-paced. Call us today and you will be happy to get your training with the leading trainers. Finally, remember our pricing is the best in the industry and all our packages are backed by the no pass no pay policy.



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