Can You Get Car Insurance If You’re Unlicensed?

It may seem strange to think about getting auto insurance if you do not have a valid driver’s license. Most people think that you only need auto insurance if you have a license. However, in many situations, a person may still own a car even if they don’t have a valid driver’s license. A senior who no longer drives but still needs their car is an example of a situation. No matter what the reason, however, any car on the road in most places has to have insurance, no matter what the driving status of the owner is. Beyond needing the insurance, finding the best car insurance at an affordable price is always important and that is why so many call Freeway Insurance. Operating a car on the road without coverage could lead to hefty consequences.

The majority of states require a minimum liability auto insurance policy for vehicles. Not having auto insurance can lead to fines, stiff penalties, loss of vehicle registration, and in some instances, loss of the vehicle. You could also face serious financial consequences if your car is involved in an accident without insurance.

Car insurance for unlicensed drivers can be more difficult to obtain. However, it is available. No matter if you have a driver’s license or not, you still need auto insurance if your vehicle will be on the road. Let’s take a look at car insurance for those without a driver’s license.

How do you get auto insurance without a license?

While it is not as easy as buying coverage with a valid license, it is possible to get insurance without it. Auto insurance companies consider multiple factors to determine the risk of potential policyholders. One of the main considerations for insurers is driving record. Your driver’s license number is connected to the record of your personal driving history. Without a valid driver’s license, insurers will have difficulty establishing your risk as a driver. This will make it more difficult to get coverage without a license. However, many insurers will extend a policy for unlicensed people with some additional steps.

Purchasing a policy without a license will require that you still have some proof of identity as well as proof of car ownership. You will want to do some research to compare insurers and look at your options. Not all companies will offer insurance if you don’t have a license. However, when you find coverage for an unlicensed driver, the process will be similar to purchasing any other policy. You may find that rates are higher as you will be in a special category.

Why do you need coverage without a license?

While it might seem odd to some, there are scenarios where having a policy without a license is necessary. As mentioned above, a prime example is found with a senior who no longer drives. If health conditions or age prevent a person from renewing their license, they may still wish to keep their car to be driven to appointments or run other errands. Even if the car is going to be driven by someone else, it still needs to be insured.

Outside of this, there are situations where someone may wish to protect a vintage car from theft or damage. Others dealing with the consequences of a suspended license may need to purchase a policy to avoid a lapse in coverage during the suspension. Additionally, you may have a student driver learning to drive in your vehicle. There are several reasons why people may need insurance coverage even if they don’t have a license. You need to be upfront and honest with insurers so that they can help you get the best product and solution for your needs.

No matter what your reason is for seeking insurance without a license, policy and coverage options are available. Securing a policy might be more expensive, and it could take a few more steps to purchase. The best way to get the coverage you need is to shop around for policies, rates, and coverage options.


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