Choosing a wedding gift for a newlywed couple can be a nerve-wracking experience

Choosing a wedding gift for a newly wed couple can be a nerve-wracking experience. After all, every couple is different and has unique preferences. So, their wedding gifts should ideally reflect a little bit of their personalities.

But, these gifts should also be practical enough so couples can use them as they see fit. Plenty of options out there can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help. Here we have ultimate gift ideas to help you make a couple’s big day more special.

Diamond Jewelry

Jewelry isn’t an altogether uncommon gift for newlyweds. But, jewelry, especially diamond jewelry doesn’t come cheap. So, this gift is usually reserved for close family members and friends. If you can afford it, diamond jewelry can be the perfect gift if you pick the right piece.

There’s more than one reason to pick diamond jewelry as a gift. For one, it’s a good investment and may have some resale value. Diamonds sell for 25 to 50% less of purchase value. But, this means they still have higher resale value than most other kinds of wedding presents.

Besides, the great thing about diamond jewelry is that it comes in many varieties. There’s a wide selection of diamond cuts and colors out there. These cuts and colors look great in different jewelry pieces. Diamond rings with princess or round brilliant cuts are especially popular.

You could present them to a couple with a personalized inscription. Also, it would be a good idea to match any jewelry you give them to pieces they have already. In doing so, you’ll allow them to create a jewelry set they can wear on special occasions.

Or, you could give them a unique diamond gift that will stand out in their collection. This would be great for those that like having an eclectic jewelry collection.

Personalized Serveware

Personalized serveware is all the rage in the world of wedding gift-giving these days. Personalized gifts aren’t a new concept, but personalized serveware is trending now. There are many serveware options to choose from if you want this to be a wedding gift.

Many people opt for plates or mugs that have names printed on them. These look great and aren’t very costly either. You can choose the colors of the plates and mugs you’d want to give the happy couple. The same goes for the pattern.

In this way, you can give them something that reflects their tastes. For instance, if you know a couple likes traveling you could gift them travel-themed mugs.

Some people even choose cheese boards as wedding gifts with names engraved on them. This is another great idea for a beautiful yet functional wedding gift. But, to add a touch of class, consider champagne flutes instead.

Since champagne is served at weddings, this would be a great idea to mark the special occasion. You could even give them this gift in advance so they could use it for their wedding day toast.

Some of the best champagne flutes for couples are made out of hand-blown glass. This glass makes the flutes look slender and allows the champagne in them to sparkle. Adding a personalized note or the couples’ names on the glass would be a nice touch.

An Experience

It can be hard to make your wedding gift standout if you have no idea which store to visit. Well then, why not ditch the store and give the couple something else instead? You could give them an experience instead of a product.

If you know the couple well enough, you likely know the kind of experiences they enjoy together. Some couples enjoy trying out new dining spots. Others like adventure sports. Some even share a hobby and work at it together.

You could give them a voucher for any of these activities to use later. They can redeem these vouchers on their honeymoon or a relaxing getaway. If you don’t know the couple very well, you could still give them an experience.

A stay in a luxury hotel is sure to be appreciated by any couple. You can check out local hotels with stay vouchers to give to the lucky couple.

A Portrait

This is another example of a personalized gift for couples on their wedding day. Many online companies are offering digital portraits at reasonable prices. You can upload a picture and receive a custom print in return.

Many of these companies even add personalized details on these portraits. These details include the names of the couple and the wedding date. You can choose the size of the portrait online. There’s even a wide selection of frames to choose from.

If you don’t want a digital portrait, you can go the traditional route instead. You can have a watercolor or oil painting of the couple done if you present an artist with their picture. Or, if you want to go the extra mile, hire an artist to paint them live.

These days, artists paint special moments from weddings. These moments include the wedding toast or first dance. You can hire one or more artists to capture these moments to create a special gift for your loved ones.

Trendy Luggage

Trendy luggage pieces are useful gifts for couples that are constantly on the go. This is an especially useful gift for couples that are planning a long honeymoon. Luggage pieces are available online in sets.

These sets contain suitcases and other storage items in different sizes. So, they’re ideal for both short and long trips. Some of these sets even come with hats and makeup boxes. A couple ideally wouldn’t need to buy more luggage if they have just one set like this.

But, since luggage can take up a lot of space, it’s better to check whether they have luggage pieces first. If they don’t you can either buy them a set or luxury luggage pieces. Some designer labels are famous for their luggage pieces that make a style statement.


Wedding gifts for couples might not be easy to choose, but they’re often worth it. A good gift can give a couple years of happy memories. This is why it makes sense to give them something that lasts.

Also, giving them a gift that touches them will be a bonding experience for you as well. The gift you pick out reflects how well you know them. It also reflects how much thought and effort put into choosing a gift.

The gifts we’ve outlined above can fit into various budgets. So, you can give a couple a personalized gift that’s easy on your pocket as well.


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