CISM vs CISSP- which one is best for you

Security management certifications are in high demand in today’s modern world. Every individual in an information technology organization or an information security organization is looking forward to adding at least one cybersecurity credential to his arsenal. CISM and CISSP are two such certifications among those credentials which every individual desires to have. Numerous cybersecurity professionals have also confirmed this fact. It is pretty impossible to find an unemployed person in today’s modern world even after adding any cybersecurity credential to his resume. The jobs in cybersecurity are innumerable, but the workforce is relatively less to match the needs. This fact is the reason due to which the demand for cybersecurity professionals is gradually increasing.

The CISSP and CISM credentials are some of the most highly regarded cybersecurity professionals, but the prerequisites for both certifications are not trivial. Both the certificates need a crucial investment of both time and money. Both the credentials are always worth the investment. This part is the reason due to which individuals get pretty confused while choosing between both certifications. The article delivers the necessary aspects of both certificates and makes it easier for you to decide which credential is correct for you in the long run.

CISM certification:

CISM, or the Certified Information Security Manager, is one of the most exemplary certifications in the cybersecurity field. The certification is awarded to the candidates by ISACA. The CISM certification checks and enhances the expertise and understanding of the individuals. It can help in managing the enterprise security norms. Achieving CISM certification puts individuals in great demand within employers of various organizations who understand the abilities and achievements that the CISM certification represents. The accreditation of CISM depicts that the individuals have a thorough understanding of the business goals and the importance of data security. The individuals hold the CISM certification master in ethical hacking, risk management, and many more.

Achieving the CISM certification is not easy as it sounds. The individuals have to appear in specific examinations and qualify the following to become eligible for the following. The certification exam carries 200 questions of multiple-choice types. Various parts of the certification exam are legendary and elegant. To become eligible for the examinations, the candidates need to have at least five years of experience in information security which needs around ten years before achieving the certification. Three years out of five require the individual to engage in the field of management. Holding certifications like the CISSP can also count to be an experience of 2 years.

CISSP certification:

CISSP, which can be called Certified Information Systems Security Professional, is also one of the renowned certifications in information security. The certification requires the individuals to hold specific skills in the field of management or other executive positions. Various experienced engineers and security analysts also pursue the following credential. The salary of the designations achieved based on CISSP certification is considerably high. Individuals with CISSP certification attached to their resume are more likely to get recruited and earn higher pay than any other IT certification.

There are specific criteria that candidates need to fulfill to become eligible for the CISSP certification. The vital thing which wants to be done is to qualify for a candidate background check. The individuals also need to have a minimum of 5 years of experience as a security professional in 2 out of the eight domains, namely asset security, Security and risk management, software Development Security, Security Assessment and Testing, Security engineering, Security Operations, Access, and Identity management, Communication and network security.

Individuals also need to understand the exam details of the certification exam before appearing on the test. The individuals need to answer 250 questions in the exam within the allotted time of 6 hours. The individuals will be receiving multiple-choice questions in the exam.


Listed above is the comparison between CISM and CISSP certification. Both the credentials hold a significant advantage in the cybersecurity field.


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