Class 9th Science Exam – Best Study Schedule

The class 9th science exam is salient and students should prepare well and be thorough with the subject. The 9th class science exam consists of biology, physics, and chemistry; these subjects will also be in your board exam syllabus. The syllabus consists of 15 chapters; students should prepare a proper timetable and a study schedule. Maintaining a study schedule will help you to study congruously and score well in the exam. This article will provide you with the best study schedule for the class 9th science exam that you can follow and have excellent preparation before the exam.

The timetable/study schedule for the class 9th science exam is explained below. You can follow the exact schedule or can make few changes according to your routine.

Study Schedule for Class 9th Science Exam

The study schedule for the science exam is divided into 3 parts (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry) which can be followed throughout the day. Along with maintaining a proper study schedule you also need to practice a lot and stay dedicated.

Study Schedule – Session 1

Try to wake up as early as possible and try to complete your daily chores by 6:30 am and also do some light exercises as it will freshen up you. There are only five chapters present in the biology section of the science exam. All five chapters need not be studied on the same day instead you can study each chapter alternately while following the study schedule.

  • Why Do We Fall Ill?: This chapter is easy and requires less time for preparation and you can start with it. Allocate 2hrs for the chapter and study thoroughly till 8:30 am. You can take a 30-45 minutes break after your first session. Have a healthy breakfast during this interval. After having breakfast, go through the important topics and try to solve the question at the end of the chapters. You can allocate 1hr. Learn all the types of diseases and their causes. Learn the types of vaccines that are used for such diseases.
  • Improvement in Food Resources: From 10:30 am to 12:30 pm study this chapter and be through with it. Learn about the supplies of protein, carbohydrates, fats, etc., ways of obtaining foods and the categories of foods. This chapter is very easy and you can score well with proper preparation.
  • After the completion of the chapter, go and have your lunch and take a power nap till 3 pm. This will rejuvenate you and you can focus on the subject better. 
  • Tissues: Start studying this chapter at 3 pm and dedicate a minimum of 2hrs. This chapter is very important and should be studied thoroughly. Learn the types of animal and plant tissues. Learn the types of muscles present. You can give an additional 1hr for solving the questions related to the topic.

Follow the outline of the study schedule. The topics of session 1 are interchangeable thus you can adjust it however you want.

Session 2

Before starting the 2nd session take some rest and eat some snacks or have some tea/coffee to freshen yourself. The second session will start at 7 pm and you can study physics during this session. The important chapters that you can follow are as follows:

  • Motion: This chapter is easy and is one of the most important chapters. Dedicate 2hrs to studying this chapter and solve questions related to it. Learn about acceleration, velocity, and speed. This chapter should be studied from 7 pm to 9 pm.
  • Gravitation: Allocate 1hr for this chapter and give a quick reading. Learn the laws of gravitation and its applications.

After the completion of 2nd session eat your dinner and sleep by 11 pm. The 3rd session is scheduled for the next morning. You can start by studying chemistry or continue the same topic that you studied in the last session.

Session 3: This session will include the subject chemistry and the important chapter that you need to study.

  • Atoms and Molecules: Start this subject in the morning and follow the same schedule throughout the day that is mentioned for the science exam. You can always feel free to adjust the topics accordingly, but do maintain the outline of the study schedule.
  • Work and Energy: Learn the formulas and concepts of the chapter properly. Most of the problems will come from this chapter and if prepared properly you can score well.

Sample papers

After the completion of a particular subject that is (biology, physics, and chemistry) allocate 2-3hrs for solving sample papers. This will help you to learn the patterns and types of the questions that can come in the exam. Solving sample papers can improve your skill and time management capabilities. Solve the science sample papers after the completion of each section. Sample paper solving is important and must not be neglected. You can use the NCERT solutions for class 9 science.

Maintaining Separate notes

For each subject, try to maintain a separate note. This will help you to differentiate all the chapters that are included in the science exam and help you prepare thoroughly. Maintaining separate notes will also help with revision and memorizing the concept. For the class 9th science exam, try to maintain 3 separate notes each for biology, physics, and chemistry. You should also maintain separate notes for solving questions from the end of the chapters and sample papers. Keeping separate notes while studying is a good habit and all students must try to follow it as it will benefit you in the long run.


This is an important part of your study schedule, taking adequate rest is necessary as it will keep your mind and health well. Along with proper sleep and rest, eat healthy foods and avoid junk foods during the exam.

Following the above study schedule will help you to prepare well for your class’s 9th science exam. Know the pattern of the questions before the exam. To score well, you need to be dedicated and study regularly. Following the schedule may seem hectic but with little practice and focus, you can easily get comfortable with it.


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