Clear Indicators You Need To Outsource Recruitment

Finding the right talent for every position is essential for any venture to succeed, yet it’s one of the biggest obstacles many businesses face. Because of the challenge this task presents, companies are now turning to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) for help. RPOs are entities you can transfer all or part of your recruitment functions and needs to.

Despite the increasing demand for RPOs, some businesses are reluctant to collaborate with these external sources. Are you unsure whether or not you should use RPO services for your recruitment activities? Don’t sweat it. It’s typical for companies to think twice before outsourcing their recruitment process.

While hiring employees yourself may seem like a good idea, there will be times when you can’t do it all on your own. To determine when you need to hire outside help, pay attention to your existing in-house hiring processes and take note when you’re finding it difficult to find the right people.

To further help you assess when you might need recruitment help, one of the top Toronto recruitment agencies compiled a list of hiring challenge indicators, which will help you see when your business should consider  outsourcing recruitment.

Lengthy and Costly Hiring Process

Are you taking too much time and spending a lot of money on your hiring process? Although in-house hiring may give you a higher level of control, it usually comes with a hefty price tag. In Canada, the average cost to hire an employee is $4,129. That’s six weeks of salary for a job that pays $15 per hour. It should also be noted that it takes roughly 42 days to fill a vacant position.

If your hiring process extends beyond those numbers, it’s a sign you need to bring in experts to do the work for you. If you are searching online, there are professional recruiters that are available on Linkedin. They’ll know how to restructure your talent recruitment strategy, reducing the time and cost of hiring the right people.. You can also focus more on core business activities and profitability by outsourcing your recruiting functions.

Difficulty Filling Specific Roles

Are you finding it challenging to find people with specific skill sets for key positions in your business? Recruiting for positions that require a complex set of skills is always tricky. While there might be a vast pool of applicants available for the job, a lot of them won’t have the right skills or credentials for the post. In some cases, your in-house recruitment team might not know how to find the best candidate for such positions, thereby missing out on suitable candidates.

If you’re having a tough time filling a position that requires specialized skills, it’s probably high time you consider hiring an RPO service provider. These professional recruiters will have the right networks and resources to help them find the most suitable candidates for the jobs you need to fill.

High Employee Turnover

Does your company constantly deal with high employee turnover? If you’re struggling to retain employees, it’s a clear indicator that your in-house recruiting strategies need checking and reassessing. One study revealed that 80 percent of employee turnover is attributed to poor hiring decisions.

If you’re constantly hiring people for the same positions over and over again, it might be time to consider other hiring solutions. Outsourcing your recruitment to a reliable firm can decrease your turnover rate and fix the bigger problems behind your recruiting process. These firms will help you get the right people who will fit both the job and your company culture, with a reduced chance of attrition.

Business Is Growing Rapidly

Keeping up with hiring and recruiting requirements can get challenging as your business grows, and even more so when it grows rapidly. Whether you’re entering a new market and doubling your number of clients, or simply seeing an influx of interest in your current product,  you’ll need a solid recruitment team to support such growth.

All too often, fast-growing companies, like what you have, may find it daunting to hire the right people in a short period. Outsourced recruitment is an excellent solution to that problem. These companies will have the right tools to address your immediate recruitment needs without compromising the quality of hires.

Level Up Your Recruiting Process

Outsourcing recruitment can be a scary yet positive move for any company. It’s okay to take the time you need to think things over before letting an external provider recruit top talents for you. One word of advice though – don’t miss out on the opportunity to level up your recruiting process and have an advantage over your competitors simply because you’re not familiar with this method. Take that chance and see the positive results such a leap of faith brings.

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