Collection of Tips For Survival in the World of Warcraft

The game World of Warcraft is known for its exciting plot and variety of development almost all over the world. Many people have just heard about it, many are interested in the history and are inspired by the creators, and some adore the game and become professionals in gaming thanks to the World of Warcraft. Let’s talk about what will be useful for beginners. Let’s find out what are the ways of survival available to each player and explore the world of Warcraft as novice players. Here is a list of tips from players that we have collected for you. Let’s get it started!

Working together is a huge power

It is always much more difficult to complete tasks alone than with a team. This is due not only to the complexity of the tasks themselves, but also to certain rules. Killing monsters that are already being beaten by another person who is not in your group did not bring you any experience or loot.

If you see a player of your faction killing the same creatures, do not hesitate to invite him to the group. If you have any questions, problems with the task, ask for advice in the location chat. And, of course, remember that you can always ask for help from boosting sites in case of unsolvable tasks, you may just need gold for pumping, or maybe wow wotlk boosting to perform a special task.

By the way a lot of friendships have developed in this way: joint assignments or just a chance meeting in the open world. Many players said that they found acquaintances in the game, but in reality they met and became friends! Isn’t that wonderful?

Be an explorer!

The usual format of the game is the gradual completion of tasks when pumping zones in turn. The system of original excursions to each location with the help of tasks began in Burning Crusade. In Classic, where the very idea of pumping with the help of tasks was completely new, this was not the case at all. To find new tasks, you had to go to uncharted areas yourself.

Sometimes, in order to find a task, it was enough to come to a previously unknown city. And sometimes the tasks were hidden in the most remote corners of the map and even in places where you might be in danger.

Obviously, it is quite easy to find information on the Internet and make the game process easier for yourself. However, you are unlikely to find a complete guide, so you still need to play, explore the game yourself. Or just ask the location in the chat.

Be patient and be ready to spend time, because vehicles were available only after reaching level 40 and then if you could afford it, because horse riding training cost a tidy sum.

Collect and sell

In Classic, gold was very difficult to get, and the number of slots in the inventory was limited. Therefore, in order to get rich, you need to sell everything you don’t need either to merchants or at auction. Since the bags were quite expensive, it was often necessary to travel most of the pumping with a very small number of cells in the inventory.

Class coaches

As a player, it is extremely useful for you to know what your class is capable of, sometimes it can be decisive. Spells were not learned automatically. I had to give the hard-earned money to the coach so that he would share his secrets. This system was much more realistic than the current one, when your character suddenly feels an epiphany after leveling up and learns a new spell.

Weapon skills

The skill of weapon possession is quite an important thing. For example, you have received a new effective weapon in action, but you have never used such items before. Be prepared for a little disappointment. The damage will be lower, and frequent misses will spoil the whole impression of the new thing. The only fairly safe way to upgrade the skill of owning a new weapon is to find weaker monsters and increase the skill.

Many players, when pumping, sometimes used a weapon weaker in characteristics, but one whose handling skill was higher. Characters who carried two weapons each often took the skill of possession, which was lower, in the second hand. Thus, in battle, the ability to handle this type of weapon increased.

A small collection of 5 tips will definitely make life easier for some players. Remember that a successful game is practice, experience and a positive attitude. Study the game, do not spare your time, meet new, interesting people and win! Let the advice from experienced players become a good motivation for you and make your game much easier and more enjoyable! Big wins and a cheerful mood! Have fun!

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