Common Causes of Water Damage That You Should Watch Out For

Water is essential for life, but it can also sometimes creep into areas where it’s not supposed to. This is what often leads to what is known as water damage, a disaster that can result in serious property damage, life-threatening injuries, and in extreme cases, even death.

There are many ways water damage can impact your property. For starters, it can cause wall cracks, mold growth, and structural weakness. Given this, it is crucial that you get to identify the root cause of water damage in your home so that you can take corrective action before things get worse.

Here are the main causes of water damage and what you can do to prevent them from happening:

 1. Weather Hazards   

Excessive amounts of water caused by forces of nature such as storms, hurricanes, and snowstorms can lead to water damage like flood. Lands that can’t effectively absorb water are considered dry and this is where flood usually begins.

Sump pumps, vents, and the use of stilts to elevate the home are options often considered by people who live in flood-prone areas. For sump pumps, water damage restoration Colorado Springs experts said these should be standing straight while vent holes should not be blocked for them to efficiently handle floodwaters the moment they rush in.

Weatherproofing your home and having a functional and adequate drainage are also effective means of protecting yourself against natural disasters like floods and storms. When the amount of rain is too much, it can cause damage to your roof and even to the entire property. Thus, regularly clearing your gutters and downspouts is a good idea that you should never disregard. Clogged gutters, meanwhile, can cause water to buildup on the lower sides of your house, and then creep through the ceilings, floors, and walls. In cold and snowy places, attics should be insulated to stop ice dams from forming.

 2. Faulty Appliances   

Flooding inside your home can be due to a malfunctioning sprinkler system or a blocked refrigerator drain line. With the connections damaged, water can easily seep through your floors. Nevertheless, this can be prevented by regularly checking the hoses and replacing old and worn out home appliances as soon as you can.

 3. Malfunctioning HVAC Units   

Even if your heating, ventilation, or air conditioning units are already causing water damage in the home, it’s possible that you are still not aware of them. Given this, you should take the time to have your HVAC systems checked on a regular basis. These systems can cause water damage under the following conditions:

  • Air conditioner condensation

  • Clogged drains

  • Water heater leaks

  • Overflowing drain pan

 4. Plumbing Problems   

The plumbing system is crucial for efficient wastewater management. If this is not maintained and checked regularly, water damage can result owing to blocked toilets, clogged drains, cracked pipes, and even sewage backups. The need to be alert is imperative as this will allow you to readily notice signs and red flags indicating that you have plumbing problems that require your immediate attention.

If there are issues with your plumbing, you’ll likely notice any or all of the following:

  • Increased water bill charges

  • Low water pressure

  • Peeling paint

  • Slow draining sink

  • Brown spots on ceiling and walls

  • Gurgling toilet

  • Rusty pipes

  • Mold growth

  • Unpleasant smell

  • Soggy lawn grass

Ideally, your plumbing system should be included in your maintenance checklist. A basic recommendation is to seal your exposed pipes before the cold season arrives. Also, avoid grease buildup in the kitchen sink and inspect for any tree root intrusion in the pipes. All of these should be done with a professional plumber by your side as they are required to help you, especially if you find that your plumbing has leaking issues.

 Finding a Reliable Water Damage Company   

It is one thing to prepare your home for the possible problems that severe weather can bring. However, if the damage has made it to your home and you will require extensive repairs, then you will need a water damage restoration company to perform cleanup operations for you. This needs to be done as soon as possible, and although there will be expenses involved, you can rest assured that with professional experts in charge, your home can still be saved and you can bid your worries goodbye.

 Key Takeaway 

Water sustains life, but when it becomes excessive, water can become a destructive force. Thus, there’s a need to ensure that your source of water is functioning well and trouble-free. Otherwise, you face the prospects of water damage.

Natural disasters like floods and storms can hardly be prevented, but things like faulty appliances and problematic plumbing can easily be managed through proper and regular maintenance. If water damage still takes place despite the precautions you’ve taken, there are restoration services that you can avail of. These are recommended to ensure that you get the opportunity to have your life back after facing a great disaster.


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