Common Challenges of Nurse staffing Agency in Houston this Pandemic

Nurse staffing agencies may be doing ether best however they still face some challenges. Nurse staffing agencies near Houston, TX are continuously getting a nurse employed under them and are able to solve some issues they are facing. The pandemic has been happening for more than two years now and the need for nurses is still continuously rising. A nurse staffing agency has been helping in bridging the gap of staff shortage in healthcare facilities. 

What are the Common Challenges of Nurse staffing Agency in Houston this Pandemic?

Increase of Aging Population 

Even before the pandemic, patients 65 and up are increasing in numbers. Due to this more and more nurses are needed to have an equal ratio of nurse: to patient. Old people are more prone to getting the COVID virus and they have more comorbidities which can result in complications. In this condition, more nurses are needed to look after them and the demand for nurses increases too. 

Increase in Aging Workforce

Healthcare workers who are 65 and up are also increasing in numbers due to this nurse staffing agencies don’t have enough nurses to hire since some nurses are retiring due to old age. Some are afraid of contracting the virus since they already belong to the vulnerable group and some can not cope with the burnout and ends up retiring from being a health worker. 

Rapid Turnover Rates 

Due to the high demand for nurses in Houston, new nurses are hired to be able to meet the demands during the pandemic season. The age of nurses getting burnout is getting younger and younger and there is a threat to the future in the medical industry where the number of nurses hired by nurse staffing agencies can decline and will not be able to cover the staff shortages in healthcare facilities when that time comes. 

Work and Balance Issue 

Nurse staffing agencies find a way to motivate nurses to join them since some of them are shifting careers due to the thought that they prefer to have a work and life balance. Since nurses are in-demand, most are burnout even travel nurses give full schedules which means they are often exhausted. Some nurses are often declining assignments to be able to get a rest which creates shortages of nurses for nurse staffing agencies. 

Retaining Current Staff 

Nurse staffing agencies sometimes have trouble keeping their staff since the pay is competitive and nurses can find more opportunities outside the agency since they get the experience they need and some are offered higher pay. Some have a personal reason why they have to leave their nurse staffing agency. 

How Does a Nurse Staffing Agency Sustain the Demand of Nurses?

Nurse staffing agencies are making strategies to sustain the demands for nurses and here are some of the ways:

Making schedule more Flexible 

The flexibility of the schedule can encourage more nurses to work for them. Nurses are often burnout and they need time to rest to be able to be more productive. Nurse staffing agencies give more flexibility to their nurses so they won’t quit being a nurse. 

Recognizing Nurses who work the extra mile 

Nurses venture into different nursing jobs since they have a goal of developing their careers. As a nurse staffing agencies are recognizing nurses who stand out and giving them rewards or endorsements that can help them advance their careers as a nurse. Nurses can be more motivated to work with this agency if they see that their hard work is recognized. Nurses won’t leave if they are taken care of, this means the demands for nurses will not be an issue if nurses stay with their agencies. 

Promoting continuous Learning 

Nurses need to be updated in the latest updates on the medical industry. In this way, they can be more productive and competitive. Nurse staffing agencies conduct an educational program to enhance the skill of their nurses. This can increase their reputation as well as the productivity of their nurses. Nurses see this as an opportunity and stay with the agency. As nurses see their growth they are motivated to work more and recruit more nurses to join the workforce. 

Common challenges of the nurse staffing agency in Houston during this pandemic are addressed properly to meet the demands of nurses in different healthcare facilities. Nurse staffing agencies are formulating new strategies to keep hiring nurses. 


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