Common Skin Conditions & Effective Treatments

Our skin is actually a bodily organ that covers our entire body and when you consider the many elements that our skin is exposed to, it is no wonder that skin conditions occur. Skincare is as important today, as it ever was and here are a few common skin conditions along with effective treatment options.

  • Rosacea – The cause of this skin condition is largely unknown and there is no cure. Small, red bumps appear on the skin and this condition manifests itself in cycles. You can search online for the best rosacea treatment from qualified dermatologists and this condition typically affects the face and neck. Almost 10% of the Australian people suffer from this skin condition, especially women over 30 with a fair complexion and also men over 50 are more likely to suffer from rosacea.
  • Eczema – One of the most common skin complaints, eczema causes itchy and inflamed skin patches, which can be found with people of all ages. If you suffer with eczema, you should contact an online dermatologist, who can give you a virtual consultation and prescribe a prescription medication.
  • Psoriasis – This is a chronic skin condition, which is commonly found on the scalp, elbows, knees are lower back. This is an autoimmune disease and symptoms include a red patch of skin that can be itchy or painful; there are 5 main types of psoriasis; 1) plaque, 2) guttate, 3) inverse, 4) pustular and 5) erythrodermic. The best treatment would be prescribed by a dermatologist, who would suggest a treatment based on the patient examination. If you are worried about gaining a few extra pounds, click here for weight-loss tips.
  • Melasma – This skin condition is a patchy brown hyper-pigmentation of the skin that usually affects parts of the body that are exposed to the Sun. Melasma often appears in a symmetrical pattern and normally affects the face, forehead and cheeks and you should be diligent about taking precautions to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the Sun. The best way to treat melasma is to make an appointment with an online dermatologist, who can examine you via video call and after asking a few questions, the skincare professional can prescribe a special skin cream that is designed specifically for you.
  • Carbuncle – This is a very painful condition that is caused by bacteria becoming lodged in the hair follicles. A carbuncle is very painful to the touch and in most cases, pus forms after a day or two. The moist parts of the body are susceptible to carbuncles forming, at the shoulders, insides of the thighs, armpits or buttocks; areas that sweat offer a home for certain types of bacteria and should you suffer with this skin condition, you are advised to seek out a dermatologist, who can examine the affected areas and prescribe treatment.

Of course, many people have skin allergies and as we are all unique, the best treatment might not be the same for all. Make an appointment to see a skincare professional and in Australia, there are online dermatologists who can examine you in a virtual environment and prescribe an effective treatment.


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