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The interlacing of words, legal terms, and articles, the law is vast! In all humility, it is impossible for a lawyer to master all the tricks and know all the branches of law. It is clear that, if even a so-called generalist lawyer with solid experience can usefully defend your case, nothing equals a lawyer dedicated to the defense of victims.

Network of Experts

The specialist lawyer or car accident lawyer Charlotte NC is skilled in working on behalf of clients for legal compensation as it relates to bodily injury and holds a specialist’s certificate in bodily injury law, with the specific qualification “Defending the rights of victims”. Practicing the specialty of bodily injury on a daily basis, the specialist lawyer does not only refer to his legal work, but he also relies above all on a solid network of experts such as:

  • Medical advisors
  • Occupational therapists
  •  Neuropsychologists
  • Law enforcement
  • Vehicle maker
  • Paramedics

The Insurance Companies

Applying the old adage that “You cannot serve two masters at the same time”, the lawyer who chooses to defend only the interests of the victims does not sympathize with the powerful lobbies of those who are in charge of paying (insurers, warranty, etc.). Hiring a lawyer specializing in victims’ rights is a guarantee of independence since the latter refuses any compromise with bodies driven solely by their concern for the economy, thus developing an approach contrary to fair compensation for victims.

When Do You Call a Specialist Attorney?

It is imperative to consult a specialized lawyer if you have been the victim – or one of your relatives:

  • An accident of any kind involving a responsible person other than yourself
  • An accident without third party liability, but for which you have insurance, allowing you to be compensated
  • A traffic accident: car, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrians, any road accident causing a disability
  • A medical accident
  • An assault
  • Work accident
  • A serious accident that causes head trauma, coma, paralysis, and more
  • An accident caused by asbestos

The Consultation

As soon as consulted, the specialist lawyer can quickly analyze the rights of the victim and his relatives by:

  • Obtaining and analyzing a police or paramedic report (the circumstances of the accident and the right to compensation)
  • The identification of the insurer or the adjuster who owes the compensation
  • Examination of the various insurance contracts, possibly taken out by the victim (contractual guarantees)

When the lawyer intervenes very early, he supervises the process effectively by ensuring the independence of the expert and his specific competence for the injury or disability concerned. In addition, the lawyer will build the case to which the expert will have to answer, ensuring the recognition of all the damages and adapting the questions asked that speak to the injuries of the victim.

Speak to a Lawyer

In any event, it is important that victims of bodily injury always submit their case to an independent lawyer before signing any documents, which, after 15 days, almost always commits them to it irreversibly. It is best to seek out a good Charlotte car accident attorney to get you through the process.

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