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Convergence of TV /Internet: A Culture of Convenience


OTT platforms have challenged the survival of all the traditional services since their inception due to their economics. They took some time, but internet-based services have taken over the market. They are significantly cheap, do not bound the customer in any contracts, no equipment or tool needed – you have internet, you are good to go! There are quite a few free and paid options when you are looking for streaming services. It is, by all means, a culture of convenience and brings more than the pricy conventional options we have had. 

However, if you still consider the traditional TV setup and scrolling through countless channels before finding the one – Spectrum TV plans will not disappoint you. You will also get everything you usually get with any streaming service in this package – you can watch through Spectrum TV anytime anywhere, with no contract and affordable choice. 

But what are the factors that make the convergence of TV & Internet, a culture of convenience – let’s find out in the further read!

Changing User Experience 

A survey conducted by Cisco claims that in the upcoming five years, the entire internet would be video. You can assume it is the same as what we see on the TV. However, there are many places where TV is lacking when compared with the internet. Both TV and the internet are the best options when it comes to watching news or entertainment. However, both are fundamentally different from each other in more than one way. 

Today, smartphones have replaced everything from a calculator to a watch, to phone directories to journals, because they are small and easy to use and carry. Streaming services have given rise to the on-demand feature. Customers can easily use this feature through their mobile phones. Moreover, they are one touch away from their favorite TV shows, music, videos, and anything besides that streaming app too. 

News media also understands the importance of video production and its impact. Smartphones have made users superfast as they can get in touch with anything at any time. This is the reason why websites focus on updating the information as frequently as possible. It has made people free from waiting for the news they want to hear. They just scroll through everything through their mobile phone and stay updated every time. The traditional cable-related TV broadcasts are also now following and adapting a similar


Cable service providers working on This Particular Goal

Some of the well-known TV brands are looking forward to stepping into the digital world. These brands include the names such as NBC, Disney, DreamWorks, and A&E Networks. 

In this modern age, the customers’ needs and requirements are changing rapidly. The brands are trying to satisfy the audience through every angle so they can survive and progress in this competitive market. The time has now gone when people used to scroll the internet through their personal computers. Now, people can use the internet anytime, anywhere, and through any device. Access to the internet is not a challenge and that makes streaming services more relevant and adds up to the culture of convenience.  

It is by far true that most people still prefer watching sports and entertainment on TV. However, people are constantly changing their attitudes rapidly. It has been observed that people are showing interest in watching commercial ads, even during a sports match. It happens more when it is not their favorite team playing. Social media platforms are also there. For example, Twitter is promoting an interactive experience that goes atop the game. Other social media platforms are also pretty active probably more than twitter but twitter’s hashtag has become news. 

Conclusive Notes

The culture of convenience, which is fully supported and endorsed by technology, would have become irrelevant if it was expensive than any traditional service available in the market. The cable services are so costly compared to OTT services that you can get more than four streaming services at the same price. That too without any contract and additional fee for equipment and installation. The flexibility and convenience factors are simply cherry on the cake – otherwise, the unlimited amount of entertainment at cheap prices is a win-win either way. 


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