Could Your Dogs Diet Do With Added Supplements

We could hire the latest nutritionists, do a top-of-the-line culinary course to give our pets the best meals every day but would that really give them the well-rounded and balanced meal plan we hope for? How would we be sure that the foods we give them are full of nutrients and the necessary minerals?

Can we measure the vitamin content in foods once they have been cooked because a lot can be lost during the cooking process, not likely? This being said, you need to have a plan in place that could offer them the added benefit of minerals and vitamins and this comes in the form of supplements.


When we think of the masses of products on the market there is never only one version of the ingredient, because not all humans or animals are alike. We each react differently to either tablets or pills, having to drink a concoction of sorts or even add a product to our meals or drinks and so we need variety.

What’s great is that you don’t need to compromise when it comes to your pet, there has become a larger understanding in the world of health and nutrition for pets and the market is growing. However, before you run out and buy every item on the shelf with a picture of a dog on it and claiming to change your dog’s life you need to do your research.

You ideally want something that is organic, has been naturally grown without the use of harsh chemicals and preservatives, and that works to your pup’s health advantage like CBD for dogs. Good brands have taken onboard pet owner’s comments and suggestions and understand the importance of a well-stocked diet, so doing your homework is key.

Look for brands that have successfully trialed and tested their ingredients, have the records to prove it, and have those results readily available with nothing to hide. Read labels, check the sources of origin, and enquire about their extraction processes. These may seem like mundane questions but if it means the difference between a healthy pet and one that suddenly develops negative side- effects down the line, you had better be sure.

Plus side of supplements.

Firstly, you need to know what exactly supplements are. Are they those large capsules you see gym enthusiasts taking every chance they get and which you now have to reinvent to add to your dog’s dinner? Or is it a powder you simply add into the mix when you can and trust that the effects will take place?

Well, just as it works for us, supplements provide the necessary calcium, vitamins, and iron to help your four-legged friend’s mind and body function optimally. There is an endless list of the positives they bring and which vitamin group works for which particular type of function, but remember, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing too.

You don’t want your furball to essentially overdose on minerals where the body ends up not being able to process it quick enough and this then leads to a domino effect of health issues we just don’t need.

Check the dosage requirements for your pet according to its breed, weight and height, and dietary preferences. Sure, there will always be critics and naysayers when it comes to ‘modernizing’ your dog’s food, but hearing both sides of the story (see here for what others have to say on the topic will help you see where both parties are coming from and to conclude from there based on all the facts and information.

Could Your Dogs Diet Do With Added Supplements

Adding extra to their diet.

Deciding to give your furry family member that little bit extra when it comes to nutrients is a step in the right direction, and after careful measuring and once you are comfortable in the task, you can implement it into their foods and snacks in different ways for variety and interest. They will also appreciate the change in texture for a new sensation and experience.

A few successful methods shared by dog and pet owners, in general, are not as tricky as you may think, and you could be letting your culinary juices flow before you know it. Let’s take a quick look at what some of them are.

  • As is. This technique is only recommended if you have a comfortable and relaxed relationship with your dog as it essentially requires you to open up their mouth (or get them to) and lift their tongue. Then place the oil under their tongue for fast and efficient absorption into the body.
  • Dinner. The most popular and easiest option as you simply stir the supplement into your dog’s cooked meal before serving, this way you know they will get the full dose and not know what is happening whilst reaping all the health rewards. Win-win.

You could opt to incorporate it into either wet and dry foods or a combination of the two (click this link for more info on that) as it has a high versatility ratio, but that too needs research to make sure it is done right.

Irrespective of the approach you take the main objective is that you want something better for your canine and this in itself is a level up. We know that dogs bring joy to our lives and our families that is indescribably and irreplaceable.

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