Create high-end products with the spirit of craftsmanship-THINKWARE driving recorder

When it comes to mechanical watches, many people will question “Why are they all watches so expensive?” I think “craftsmanship” can be said to be the best answer to this question.

Actually, the driving recorder industry is the same. Therefore, today I will evaluate a unique brand THINKWARE. They have spent more than 20 years focusing on driving recorder products, which are outstanding, and they have condensed amazing technology and persistence in safety in a small size of 98mm.

For car owners, the driving recorder seems to have become a necessity. Especially in the process of driving, when encountering a scratch or bumping accident, the driving recorder can restore the truth of the accident and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the car owner.

However, due to the unclear image quality of the driving recorder, it is impossible to clearly identify the pedestrian’s face or the other’s vehicle number. As a result, one’s rights and interests cannot be protected and suffer a loss.

It can be seen that performance and shooting image quality are critical to a driving recorder. In response to this consumer demand, more and more brands use words such as “black technology”, “high pixel” and “high definition” as slogans, but in fact, “old drivers” tell everyone that the higher the nominal number, The more black technology is added, the more it is not necessarily a good driving recorder. The most important thing is to have excellent image quality technology, no matter what kind of harsh environment can shoot clear pictures. Therefore, the protagonist we are going to introduce today is THINKWARE, which has powerful image quality technology. Let’s take a look at how powerful it is in terms of image quality technology!

Unique technology to create cutting-edge picture quality

In order to achieve better shooting effects, THINKWARE has been committed to the development and application of image quality technology. Today, its products have a variety of exclusive image quality technologies, and compared to similar products, the shooting image quality is even higher. Today we will take a look at THINKWARE’s three exclusive technologies in terms of image quality.

First of all, shooting resolution is the most basic performance manifestation of the driving recorder, and it is also the bottleneck of most similar products on the market.

As products of various brands continue to appear, consumers’ choices are becoming more and more diversified. But many people don’t care about the resolution of the dash cam, because now mainstream products have reached high-definition resolution in terms of hardware, and everyone is accustomed to it.


So, can you shoot clear and vivid pictures as long as the hardware meets the standards? The hardware, as the name suggests, is the physical condition to realize the function. To present the best picture quality, the support of video shooting technology and processing technology is essential.

In order to achieve better picture quality, THINKWARE has independently developed oversampling technology (OVERSAMPLING), using a higher resolution sensor than the general QHD. By shooting a video with a resolution larger than QHD, it is finally produced into a unique oversampling technology that meets the QHD resolution. Whether facing the dazzling sunlight during the day or the dim environment at night, you can clearly capture every detail of the picture.Show now with AO discount code

Secondly, during the driving process, many users will encounter such a problem: the color of the car window is too dark, and the rear glass window has a certain curvature, which causes the video taken by the driving recorder to be distorted and the picture is too dark.

In order to solve this problem, TIHNKWARE spent a lot of time on the lens and concentrated on the research and development of related technologies. Each product adopts a special lens developed according to the characteristics of the product to make the shooting video clearer and restore the reality.

“The rear window glass of the car is not only dark but also curved”… Nowadays, most products are equipped with rear cameras at the same time, but the picture quality and user experience are hard to say. The car window film causes the picture to be very dark, or the picture is severely distorted under the influence of the curved glass of the front and rear windows. In the distortion correction function, many products often use picture cropping, which causes picture imbalance and impaired picture quality.

THINKWARE optimizes the way from the hardware and lens level without this problem. The car film and glass curvature have been considered in the product design stage. In order to quickly and effectively solve the problems of drivers, in addition to hardware upgrades, THINKWARE is also constantly optimizing algorithms and technologies to ensure that distortion and distortion are minimized without affecting the picture quality. Amazon Discount Code NHS

Create high-end products with the spirit of craftsmanship-THINKWARE driving recorder

In daily use, many people may have a deep understanding of this. Ordinary driving recorder lenses have almost no filtering effect on light. Once encountered in an environment with complex light or dazzling sunlight during the day, the “blindness” effect is easy to appear. Over-exposure or darkness, resulting in video quality degradation, normal playback and other issues.

In the author’s opinion, THINKWARE’s solution to this problem is sufficiently scientific and intuitive, and it is also the least costly. The blue filter used on high-priced smartphone lenses can effectively capture the light that distorts the picture without affecting the video quality, allowing the driving recorder to record normally under any circumstances.

Finally, the lens structure used by the general driving recorder is relatively concave, so the end of the shooting picture presents an arc-shaped distortion.


THINKWARE products adopt Dewarp video processing technology, which can adjust the physical limit of the lens, effectively reduce the distortion of the picture, and play the key effect of restoring the facts.

Comparing the actual measurement: the strength is ahead of similar brands

Having said that, how does THINKWARE’s driving recorder compare to similar products? Comparison of real shots reveals the truth!

In order to test the two products more comprehensively, we selected a section of road that is quite representative in actual driving. Different environments such as road surface and bridge holes also have a great impact on light. How do they perform in such a complex lighting environment? ? Let’s take a look together.

Actual measurement 1: expressiveness (clarity, distortion)

First of all, THINKWARE has extremely high definition no matter it is at the far end, center or edge of the screen, and the license plate and perspective are clearly visible.

THINKWARE real shots

Although the shooting clarity of another product has reached high definition, the license plate number on the edge is clear enough during playback, but you can see that the text at the far end is obviously blurred. In terms of shooting breadth, THINKWARE has a wider shooting angle and can accommodate more details in the picture. In contrast, the shooting breadth of another product is not so good, and there is distortion in the middle of the picture.

Create high-end products with the spirit of craftsmanship-THINKWARE driving recorder Shots taken by a certain brand of driving recorder

Actual measurement 2: Light (environmental changes)

When passing through basements, tunnels, etc., where the light and shade changes are more complicated, the lens quality of the driving recorder and the video post-processing effect are the most test.

When entering the basement, THINKWARE will automatically adjust the lens aperture to ensure that there is enough light in the dark bridge hole. It can be seen that although the surrounding environment is dark, THINKWARE can ensure that the normal lighting environment can be restored in the shortest time.

THINKWARE measured screen

In contrast, another product also uses a design that adjusts the amount of light. Although the overall brightness is improved, the response speed is slower, and the overall brightness of the improved picture is a bit dark.

Shots taken by a certain brand of driving recorder

At the same time, we can clearly see that THINKWARE has a more significant advantage in controlling picture distortion, whether it is the entrance of the basement or the internal environment, it can be more realistically restored; while the other product is in pursuit of a wider perspective, the picture The distortion is more serious.

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