Dangers Of At-Home Detox

You have probably decided to stop abusing drugs, and that is the best decision you have made. However, stopping using addictive substances is not easy. There are numerous side effects that you are about to experience on your way to full recovery. Detox is the first stage of your alcohol and drug recovery. Most people who detox at home end up worsening their situation, or at times they die. Your doctor can always suggest additional detox methods that you can do at home. However, you need to understand why professional help is important in your addiction-free journey. First, know the steps of detoxification before doing it on your own.

The Process of Detoxification

Patient Evaluation

A medical team begins with a physical examination and a psychological evaluation to determine your level of addiction. Blood tests are also done to ensure the right medication is administered. History of mental illness is also evaluated to ensure drugs administered do not worsen a mental illness.


Your body has already used to alcohol or toxic drugs in the body. Refraining from using it will cause severe to mild side effects. Examples of withdrawal symptoms include lack of sleep, hallucinations, convolutions, fever, and nausea. Your doctor will help you with the required medication to help you stabilize. Your specialist will also monitor the progress of your medication and decide if you need to change for better results. Some of the medicines used are antidepressant drugs, benzodiazepines, and agonists of opioids.


Therapy is crucial for mental health. It’s a psychological assessment that involves the study of the behavior patterns of a person. It helps the patient from going back to abusing drugs. Even though detoxification removes drugs from the body, the craving for drugs may still be high. Your therapists will help you with dealing with temptations. Also, you might join a recovery group where you share experiences and challenges you go through in your drug withdrawal journey.

Now that you know what detoxification is all about, here are some of the reasons why self-medicated at-home detox is not recommended.

Dangers of At-Home self-Medicated Detox


Most people who perform at-home detoxification follow medication given to other patients. Taking other people’s prescriptions is drug abuse. Also, depending on your addiction level, another person’s dosage may be an overdose in your case. You need a medical assessment to determine what dosage you should take. Drugs such as benzodiazepines are addictive in their own capacities. An overdose may result in new complications or worsen your current situation.


The main reason you need to detox with the help of a professional is due to the relapse you will experience when you stop using drugs. Relapse involves withdrawal symptoms that differ for different people depending on years of addiction and the nature of the drug abuse. People abusing drugs such as cocaine and opium tend to overdose each time they use the drug, resulting in severe withdrawal symptoms during detoxification. However, with the help of a professional, the process is successful. Also, the longer a person abuses drugs, the worse the withdrawal symptoms. Lack of medical attention may lead to heart failure and death.

Mental Illness

Depression is a common symptom when patients detoxify. Without proper directions and prescribed antidepressants, the patient may have a mental illness. Other mental problems associated with withdrawal include frustration, anger, and fatigue. In the case of preexisting mental illness, the condition may worsen and become uncontrollable.

Medical Complications

With drug abuse, most people may get unwell and not know. This is due to the nature of such substances to surpass the pain and symptoms of a disease. Detoxing while having a medical problem will worsen the withdrawal symptoms, and the outcome may be life-threatening. It is crucial to undergo medical checkups to ensure that your body is ready for the process. For more information on proper detoxification, you can visit

Detoxification is an important procedure in the process of your addiction recovery. It’s therefore wise to do it correctly to avoid more complications in your healing process. You can also opt for outpatient detox with the help of a doctor. In case of severe withdrawal symptoms, you should contact your doctor.


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