Data quest vs Udacity: Which is Best for Learning Data Science?

Data science is the result of combined knowledge of the field of mathematics, statistics, computer science, and information science.

There are no specific requirements other than the basic knowledge of coding to become a data scientist, many people invest in online courses to get certificates and advanced knowledge in the field so that they can report themselves worthy jobs. Data Quest and Udacity are platforms that offer online courses for individuals to get more insight into the field of data science. So, let’s start with a comparison between Data Quest vs. Udacity.

Basic review:

Even though both are giants in the field of data science, I know that there is always confusion between the two, which chooses to get better knowledge and finally get a job. Let me put the main difference between the two for you. I will help you by giving you the difference and review with the best of my abilities.

The main difference between the two can be in the form of UDACITY offers to learn for various fields with respect to the Data Quest which is only related to learning science.

Data Quest overview.

Data Quest is an interaction-based learning platform that offers various courses related to the field to study data science and carve our different work paths for individuals depending on the specific courses they choose. This includes training in the set of skills needed to excel in the field as data analysis, data and scientist analysts, or data engineers.

All content in the Data Quest produced everything itself which means you can expect a fixed and consistent teaching method throughout by Sprintzeal.

Data Quest has created a community of people who think the same. All Data Quest students have access to their student community. Here, content makers, skilled mediators, and other students are always willing to help you understand everything there is to learn science.

Udacity Overview

Just like the Data Quest, Udacity is a platform available online education with many courses that individuals can register to get acquainted with academics related to certain fields. The name of the Udacity comes from the destination of the owner and the desire to build a platform for students who want to know. The tagline which is propagated by the company must be “brave for you, students”.

All courses have been easily separated to the level to meet the needs of newcomers to an expert. Based on your previous knowledge of the subject you can choose whether to do beginner courses or enter the subject with advanced courses. For certain courses, prerequisites for entry are mentioned. Some courses are free but the Nano title courses are all served.

Various schools Udacity:

Udacity Nanodegree has branched out and registered various schools with the different curriculum they run. Some of them are;

Artificial intelligence school

Cloud Computing School

School engineer school

Autonomous system school

Business Schools

Data analysis school

Programming schools

Udacity offers scholarship opportunities for various programs.

Choosing an online learning program can be a little complicated. There are many factors you need to pay attention to before deciding which best suits your needs. Let me break the basic differences in the data science learning program from the Data Quest and Udacity.

There are certain basic things that are looking for courses in learning knowledge from this platform must know:

Price Battle – Which is affordable?

Both programs can be resolved with their own speed. So in the end it will be charged how much every time you take to complete the course. The less time you take, the smaller you will pay.

Data Quest price reviews.

Data Quest charges $ 49 / month. Both of these numbers without considering all types of discounts. These are two basic plans; They also offer other premium plans for high costs depending on the course you choose.

Price reviews of Udacity

There are massive cost differences for the same course on two platforms, while Udacity charges $ 399 / month.

What are the courses offered?

Data Quest course.

On the other hand, the Data Quest carve career paths for you as data analysts in R, data analysts in Python, data scientists in Python, and a Data Mining Vs. Machine Learning engineer. Some courses they offer are listed below.

Python for Data Science: Fundamental

Learn the basics of Python programming and learning data science.

Python to study data science: medium

Pandaas & numpy functional

Storytelling through data visualization

Learn advanced techniques to clean data analysis in Python.

Fundamental machine learning.

Data cleaning and analysis

Visualization of Exploration Data

Data Cleaning in Python: Advanced

Udacity course.

Udacity offers the Nanodegree program in studying data science. Here is a list of several courses apart from the data science offered at Udacity Nanodegree.

Introduction to genetics for beginners

Intro for Programming in Java: JAVA Learning

Introduction to Computer Science: Building Search Engines

Computer Program Design: Programming Programming

Web Development: How to Build a Blog

Game development: Build high-performance web applications

Cellular Web Development: Building a Mobile Web Experience

Introduction to Parallel Programming: Using CUDA to utilize GPU’s strength

Software Testing: How to Make Failed Software

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: AI-Class

Interactive Rendering: Introduction for 3D Computer Chart

Intro to theoretical computer science: dealing with challenging problems


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