Designing Multisensory Custom Cardboard Packaging – Tips & Examples

In developing a custom cardboard packaging design, the fundamentals can be distilled down to simplicity, communication, clarity, shelf appeal, and longevity/versatility.

It is best to create cardboard boxes that look great on the shelf and connects with an audience, but how can we continue to stimulate and create a multisensory experience which resonates upon contact and post-purchase.

These experiences have been designed as part of a multisensory approach to packaging excellence. Packaging Design Agency London can be a great consideration if you are looking for the best Packaging Design Agency around London.

Here we take a look at several ways you can add a multisensory design approach to your cardboard boxes by using the design elements like shape, format, texture, smell, sound, and design.

Shape & Format of Cardboard Boxes

Opening & Closing mechanisms

 Opening and closing mechanisms involve direct consumers’ participation and can be approached in a breadth of interesting and memorable ways. Just think of the addictive nature of clicking open a cardboard gift box and how this becomes part of the brand experience.



Opening seals

 Likewise, opening boxes can convey a sense of freshness and quality. This is a tactic that has worked for the tea and coffee market for some time.



Shape, Curves & Grips (Ergonomics)

Adding curves to structural custom printed cardboard boxes can make it feel more delicate and human, whereas solid lines can imply strength and sturdiness. The use of unique curves can become a unique and lucrative brand asset. From fragrances to perfumes, brands fight to own the most unique, functional shapes that push packaging design boundaries.



Physical weight

 The physical weight of a product encased in custom printed cardboard boxes can also give quality implications and add to cues of a luxury product.


Before and After opening

 On opening, do your wholesale cardboard boxes become interactive? This happens when children open their toy packaging to convert it into something with which the children can play. Likewise, customized food packaging boxes can often open up to form a tray for eating on the go.



Textured and hammered papers

 There are options available if you are selecting the right paper stock for your custom cardboard boxes. From soft-touch to satin and gloss, all textures and packaging surfaces have different benefits and associations.




Opening seals

 As mentioned before, the benefits of opening customized packaging boxes specifically with sound can significantly enhance the opening experience.



Opening & Closing mechanisms

Suppose your product opens and closes with a sound. It can be further enhanced to sound louder or become softer to compliment your product.



Scents in adhesives

 In products and items where the scent is nearly completely lost, manufacturers have managed to replicate scents in the wholesale cardboard boxes adhesives. These cardboard packaging boxes release a scent upon opening. Read more the general time.


Scents hidden in Custom packaging

An alternate approach sees scents encapsulated in packaging like the ice cream tubs’ lids. Although multisensory customized packaging design is still in its infancy, some of our favorite and most known bespoke packaging designs of all time have employed a sensory approach to their advantage. With the growth of new technologies in packaging printing and the advancement of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – this is a unique space to watch unfold.

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