Designing Your Restaurant Dining Room

Restaurant designs differ due to personal interests, customer interest, floor layout, and the theme color. The dining of your restaurant creates the first impression at your customers. It is, therefore, crucial that your restaurant looks captivating and neat. There are a few ideas you should put into consideration when designing your restaurant’s dining.

Estimate the Capacity of Your Restaurant

Visit the fire department or any appropriate government regulatory body to determine the required space between tables. Determine the number of chairs that are needed on one table depending on your restaurant of choice. For instance, a 24″ x 24″ square table can only accommodate two people, while a 48″ x 48″ square table accommodates a maximum of 8. Such measurements will help you decide on the number of tables and chairs to purchase. They will also help in determining the largest population your restaurant can hold.

Choose Your Furniture

Your furniture speaks volumes to the quality of customer service offered in a restaurant. When choosing your furniture, consider the following factors:

The Shape of Your Furniture

The shape of your furniture determines how much space is used in your restaurant. For instance, a square table with contemporary restaurant chairs will use less space. On the other hand, round tables with classic restaurant chairs have enough legroom allowance, create room for family bonding time, and encourage conversations. However, they also consume large spaces. Choose the shape of your furniture depending on what suits your target customers.

Furniture Style

You can choose either portable or anchored seats or have both. Anchored furniture is embedded in the wall, for instance, booths. Potable furniture is seats and tables that are movable and are positioned in the center of the dining room. You can choose either or the furnishing method; however, a mixture of anchored and portable furniture will give your restaurant an even layout.

You can also mix large tables and small tables. Large tables can accommodate families or friends dining together, while small tables may accommodate an individual or two people. Ensure your restaurant meets the NAFEM 5% extra space for wheelchair allowance; this also involves a reduced height of 5% of the dining tables.

Choosing the Quality of Your Furniture

Invest in high-quality furniture. Your restaurant seats and tables should display elegance because tasteful customers expect an exclusive dining experience. Consider buying high-quality, long-lasting commercial furniture. The best experience with high-quality furniture is that it cleans up easily and can’t stain easily. In addition, ensure the color of your furniture fits the interior theme of your restaurant.

Decide Your Room Layout

Most restaurants prefer the open room layout because it is economical and accommodates many people. However, if your target customers value privacy and hold private meetings occasionally, choose a petitioned layout.

If you choose to have a bar, identify where you want your bar set up. It can occupy the corner of your restaurant. Ensure there is enough space for the bartender to move about while receiving orders. Also, create space for at least five high stools at the bar counter.

Create a Memorable Experience

The interior look of the restaurant should wow your customers. Starting from the seating arrangement, the color of the interior, lighting, and display should give a customer a wonderful experience. Think of all possible complaints that your customers can raise and tend to them. Become the first customer and request attendance. Look at your surroundings and find out if it gives you the best experience.

Whether you are planning to open a big or a small restaurant, the look of your restaurant should look stunning. Let your customers experience a feeling of home away from home.

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