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Part 1: Where are PDF files often used?

A Portable Document Format (PDF) file is a type of electronic document or digital book created by Adobe Systems in 1993. A PDF can be rendered on various software and hardware platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, the Palm webOS operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers, etc.

PDFs are commonly used in the following fields:

1. Finance: 

Complex financial documents such as statements, invoices, annual reports, and presentations are often distributed in PDF format. In fact, various forms of investments like fixed deposits, recurring deposits, shares, and mutual funds offer the facility to download the application forms in PDF format.

2. Legal: 

Court filings, case briefs, regulatory filings, contracts, etc. are often made in PDF format. Electronic filing of legal documents has become more prevalent because it offers convenience and speed to the court for distributing cases for hearing. Legal documents information needs to be protected from concealing privacy, and Pdf enables signatures and protections.

3. Family life: 

Documents related to a family often need to be shared with relatives and friends, such as invitation cards for a wedding, tax returns, schedules, expenses, etc. Along with scanning documents, it makes it easier to edit the contents of a document by distributing them electronically over email or an FTP server.

4. Students: 

Applicants need to send their resumes and essays, scholarship applications, cover letters, etc., in pdf form if they want to get recruited by companies or universities who require these formats for application purposes. Mostly pdf file is preferred by students because it saves time and money. Also, it prevents people from hacking into your application while sending it online.

Various other fields use Pdf files as a way of distributing information. Like for example, insurance adjusters use pdf documents to document and present their findings of claim investigations, inventories for products like food and drugs are presented as pdfs on government sites. Many online retailers use pdfs as a means of displaying product information.

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Although there are other format options available, Pdf files have found prevalence because they offer an efficient way of distributing information in an electronic form without any loss or modification of content over email or the Internet. Pdf is also preferred for its security features which protect your application against prying eyes.

Part 2: Wondershare PDFelement- a complete PDF solution

Wondershare PDFelement is a robust Adobe Acrobat alternative, which brings an all-inclusive PDF solution. It is one of the best alternative tools for Adobe Acrobat that you can find on the market today. PDFelement is probably one of the most feature-rich applications because it has almost everything that Adobe offers and more. It also helps users who want to convert their Word or Excel files into PDFs with ease. But there are so many good reasons why users love this tool over its competitors. For now, let’s just take a look at some of the features that you can expect from this application.

  1. Document editing function: 

This feature allows you to edit your PDF files with ease. You can perform tasks similar to what you can do to a common Word or Excel file. This feature comes in handy if you need to make some edits on an existing document or maybe need graphic editing of PDF documents.

You can add images and delete unnecessary ones, add text and change fonts and size, and much more. You can also extract data from PDF files in the form of tables. For instance, if you want to extract a table from your old PDF file into an Excel document, you can do that quickly by simply exporting it via the “Export” feature of this application. The same thing happens when you export it to DOC format.

There are so many different types of annotations. One way to mark up a file is through signatures because not only does this tool offer a wide range of styles, but it allows you to create your own signature as well. This is perfect for people who deal with important documents all the time, such as law firms, financial consultants, or even doctors and students. This tool is very user-friendly, so you don’t need to worry about using your computer skills in marking up a file because this isn’t rocket science here.

3. Powerful data extraction function:

This feature allows users of PDFelement to extract text and images from documents. It also allows for extensive data mining from tables as well as converting Word or Excel files into PDFs with ease. The interface is very simple and straightforward, unlike other types of software that the market today offers, so if you are looking for a program where you can do all these things without much hassle, this one would be perfect for you.

4. Newly-launched template function:

When it comes to creating documents in PDF format, there are always instances when you need more than just the usual basic template. And since most of us usually don’t have enough time to search for all these different types of templates online, the developers of this tool made sure to include not only numerous features but also free templates that you can use right away. For instance, if you want some good-looking invitations using your own logo or message, you can simply do that without having to pay even one cent. The same thing happens if you want some good-looking business cards with your contact information on them because this software allows for that. You can even put some quotes on your cover letter. And not only that because you can even make good-looking resumes in the form of PDF files for free using this application.

The developers made sure to include a very powerful conversion tool to make your life much easier when it comes to converting various types of documents into PDFs. It has over 500+ supported formats on which you can do conversions, including DOC, PPT, ZIP, RAR, and much more! You no longer need an extra tool just to convert one type of file into another because all you need is this software right here. This feature makes it really useful in the business world since numerous people use different types of programs out there, so if ever they need someone who can

6. Security features:

As mentioned earlier, this software is very user-friendly. It makes use of some strong security features that will not only keep your files safe but also protect you by deleting any leftover data after the program has been uninstalled via Activation Key. It also encrypts passwords, so if someone tries to access your account, they won’t be able to do so without first putting in the password. This application works smoothly on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

PDFelement For windows is the ideal choice if you want to convert your files into PDFs with ease without too much hassle on your end. Its interface is very simple and straightforward, so even users who are not that tech-savvy can use it with no issues at all. There’s an extensive library of templates that come in handy if you want to create your own file. It also supports different types of formats, so it’s perfect for those who want to make sure that their documents are compatible with all kinds of devices out there.

In a nutshell, PDFelement for windows offers many great features that you might need when it comes to creating documents using Adobe Acrobat Professional. From business cards all the way to invitations and even resumes, this tool allows you to do it all without spending any extra money. The best part is that this software has a free trial version which you can download today if ever you want to give this product a try first before purchasing it!


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