Difference between the internet and Ethernet?

Internet and the Ethernet are often confused to be the same and also used interchangeably. But they are very different aspects of a broadband network. It is important to keep in mind that the internet is a worldwide network connection whereas Ethernet provides a local network connection. One factors into the network speed whereas the other works for network security. Hence, although they both are different concepts, they are still used together. For instance, if you subscribe to any one of Xfinity internet plans, you will be provided with a modem that will give an internet connection to your devices. You are also provided with an Ethernet cable to connect your device to the modem for an internet connection. In the same scenario, the internet and the Ethernet have two different functions.

To differentiate between these two, the easiest thing to do is to remember that the internet is referred to as being used worldwide whereas the Ethernet is used in a local network connection.

What is Ethernet?

Take an instance, like in an office, all the computers are connected through a local area network. they are all using the internet to connect to be web. But when the internet can be removed from this equation, these computers will still have a connection between themselves. All the computers and devices are connected to the same modem and router using the same IP address. This connection is managed with the help of Ethernet cables.

What is the internet?

Internet is a connection that links all the computers around the world to link together to form a network connection. A postal service allows individuals to send a post to others in other parts of the world. The Internet also behaves the same way; it allows others to send and receive files to and fro in the form of digital packets.

Internet and the Ethernet – The differences

  • Internet is a global system of interconnected networks that use the TCP/IP protocol to connect to devices all over the world. Ethernet is used within a local area network connection that covers a small geographical area.
  • The Internet can be seen as a wide area network connection that connects all computers around the world whereas Ethernet is used to connect computers at a smaller scale.
  • Ethernet is more secure than the internet since outside sources or devices have no connection to the network connection. The internet, on the other hand, is open for all users to use and obtain the required information, which can prove to be a security threat.
  • Finally, there is only single internet in quantity whereas there are many Ethernet connections linking all the computers.

When to use the Ethernet or the internet?

When you need the fastest downloading and upload speeds, you go for the Ethernet connection. It can also provide reduced latency and a higher level of security which is not always possible in a wireless network connection. When you need a larger network connection, that can go beyond one physical location, that is when the internet is to be used. With the internet, one can send data and information to computers that are located in different locations. In such a case, greater connectivity is essential than just speed or security.

Ethernet without the internet?

It is possible for devices to connect to other devices using an Ether net connection without the internet. Small offices which consider security to be of importance and need to share private data usually go for this option. An Ether net connection also allows for printing documents and other accessories as a means of transferring data between each other.

Internet without Ether net?

This is basically called a wireless connection. The devices are connected to routers wirelessly, and able to access the internet. Your in-home wireless connection doesn’t use Ethe rnet to connect to the internet. It is also the case in public Wi-Fi.

Ether net and the internet at the same time?

If a single office with many computers is connected to Ether net cables, they can communicate with each other without needing an internet connection. But what if there is another office across the street or town that needs to connect to the first office. This is where the internet comes to play in a local area network connection.

In conclusion, the main difference between the internet and the Ethernet is that the internet is a wide area network (WAN), and Ethernet is the local area network (LAN). The Internet can connect a wide range of computers and devices together at a large scale and Ethernet cable is only used in smaller geographical locations.


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