Digital illustrations in web design: Why you need them

There are many elements you have to think about when designing a website. Each of them is important, and they all must be aligned in a way that will resonate with your business. However, digital illustrations are one of the often overlooked factors. Many people either don’t want to invest the time necessary to create them, or they don’t think that illustrations are appropriate for their formal-looking website. However, experts from Alpha Efficiency believe that everyone could benefit from implementing the right amount of digital illustrations on their website. If you are not sure why, keep reading. In this article, we will try to answer all of your doubts.

User onboarding

When the visitors first arrive on your website, it is crucial to make the process of them getting comfortable as smooth as possible. The first impression is the lasting impression, and that’s why you should consider using digital illustrations for user onboarding. This way you can help visitors understand the navigation of your website, or you can explain how your product works. Digital illustrations can help you minimize the friction that usually exists when people face new things. You can even use them to introduce visitors to your mascot and wish them a warm welcome to your brand’s universe. 

Draw attention

Digital illustrations can help you draw people’s attention to the important sections of the page. Users should always know what they are supposed to do, so you must keep them focused and engaged. It is a fact that our brains process images quicker than it processes words. By implementing digital illustrations you can make your messages easier to understand.

Connect emotions with your brand

Beautifully designed illustrations stimulate receptors in people’s brains. Popular brands know how to take advantage of this fact to evoke emotions and create unique experiences. Digital illustrations can help you create loyal customers. They will make your website exciting, fun, and full of emotions – and people are loyal to brands that make them feel this way. Show customers that your business understands their needs as human beings and cares about making their life better. Digital illustrations are a powerful tool for achieving exactly that through storytelling.


By designing original digital illustrations you can look better than competitors who only use photos on their websites. Many businesses settle for stock photos, as they are easy to get. That is okay. But what is the main problem with this approach? Well, lack of originality! If you use the same photos as everyone else, how do you expect visitors to remember you? Designing illustrations might be a time-consuming task, but once you finish it – your website will get its unique look. 

Increase conversion rates

If you are struggling with low conversion rates, consider implementing illustrations on your website. If you expect visitors to complete the desired action, you must convince them first. And the process of conviction starts from their first click. Well-crafted illustrations can help you connect with visitors by keeping them engaged, satisfied, and focused while exploring your offers. You can even illustrate a fictional character who enjoys using your products because it brings him many benefits. All of this matters when it comes to the visitor’s decision time.


Digital illustrations are a key component of today’s online content. They’re used to add a sense of depth, dimension, and life to a design, and they allow website visitors to connect with a brand on an emotional level. Because of this, your website should have a selection of digital illustrations to help you stand out from the competition and build customer loyalty.

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