Dragon Ball Movie the Last Defense – Things You Need to Know

Did you hear about the new Dragon Ball Movie the Last Defense? Well, if you are a fan of the dragon ball anime series then you must have watched all the previous movies. Dragon ball is around for several decades and has hundreds of episodes. It is one of the most loved anime series around the world. For some people, dragon ball is the show that got them into anime. Even if you are a die-hard fan who has watched all of the episodes and movies, there is a chance that you have missed some things.

It is the show that even adults are still watching and it reminds them of their nostalgic youth. Still, people who have started watching the show first-time do not have an idea what they had missed all these years. Before we discuss Dragon Ball Movie the Last Defense, let’s just talk about some history of the show. Whether you are the first time or a long-term fan of the show, here are few things you need to know about Dragon Ball Z.

Inspired by Journey to the West

Well, it is not a secret but some of the fans do not know that the idea of the dragon ball franchise was borrowed from the classic story Journey to the West. At the start of the show, Goku was just a random monkey, no one has an idea about his tale. In the story journey to the West, the monkey king was a fierce warrior and playful character. He fights with a staff that can extend or shrink when he needs it.

Goku Has Only Killed Two Characters

There is no doubt that Goku has fought with various enemies in the whole series. Everyone will expect a high kill count from Goku. He has fought with every major enemy in the show and plays an important role in defeating them. However, there are only two characters that Goku has killed so far: Kid Buu and Babidi’s minion Yakon.

On the other hand, Prince Vegeta is a ruthless character. There are many fans of Vegeta as well. In the start, he was a very powerful enemy who wants to destroy the earth but became friends with Goku. Vegeta has killed and tortured many villains in the series but Goku did not. The main reason is that the character of Goku is too merciful. No matter, you have kidnapped his son, he will still make you his friend. But if you are going to kill every single person on the planet, then he will surely kill you.

The Last Defense” Was Episode No. 20 of the Android Saga

Before we discuss more about Dragon Ball Movie the Last Defense, it is imperative to know that “The Last Defense” was the name of an episode in the series. It is the episode when the cell was badly defeated by Vegeta and told him that he has not yet achieved his perfect form. Vegeta will not be a match for him in his perfect form. It badly hurts the pride of Saiyan Prince and he allowed the cell to consume android 18.

Dragon Ball Movie the Last Defense

When it comes to the Dragon Ball Movie the Last Defense, there is no news. If you will search on YouTube, you will find a teaser trailer for the movie. But there is no official news from the franchise about this upcoming movie. There are lots of videos on a different website that claims to be the teaser trailer for the new Dragon Ball Z movie. However, there is not any official news on IMDB or from the official franchise itself. I hope a new Dragon Ball Movie will be on the corner. We will share it once we get the release date.

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