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Easy Design Ideas to Upgrade Your Living Room Space

The social aspect of home life mostly takes place in your living room, a room that may be utilized for entertaining, spending time with family, skateboarding, watching TV, or simply enjoying some entertainment from your stereo. You can design a version of your ideal living room with proper guidance.

Many people prefer relaxing carelessly in their highly functional and tastefully decorated living room, where everything has a place and is in its place as they play blackjack after typing in their RedStag casino login. No one wants to dig about looking for comfort in a disorganized room. There are different living room design concepts that you can apply to navigate through the design dilemma.

A carefully curated living space is like a book on your life, left open in front of guests, constantly reminding you of what is essential. You don’t need much while relaxing on your favorite sofa in your living room space.

However, if there is anything you could do to make your space more inviting and aesthetically pleasing, here are some ways to do it.

Add patterned and textured throw pillows

If your lounging area feels incomplete or unappealing, adding throw pillows is a terrific way to fix the problem. The best part about this upgrade is that it requires little effort. So you can change patterns and textures to match the seasons or your mood.

In the winter and fall, consider picking velvets and deep hues, and once it gets warmer outside, you could go with airy linen textures and neutral colors. While there are many expensive pillows in the market, many inexpensive options are also available in different physical stores and e-commerce sites.

Change your lighting fixtures

A new lighting fixture is a terrific way to update the appearance of your space. Your living room will feel brighter and livelier if you replace outdated lighting fixtures or add more light. Consider using pendant lights or chandeliers in rooms with high ceilings.

These are spectacular, and you can find pendants that plug in if you desire to get one for your space but don’t have the necessary hardwiring. Simply purchase some cord covers to make this a reality. Incorporating floor lamps in gloomy parts of the living room or near chairs where people sit will help the entire space feel brighter.

New lighting fixtures can range in price depending on their size.

Get a new color scheme

This is undoubtedly the most revolutionary change you can make in your sitting room space. Before you begin, thoroughly plan your strategy. Creating a mood board will help you avoid mistakes, stay on track with the room’s color and pattern, and stick to your budget.

A durable paint is necessary and worth the extra cost if yours is an active space used more than it should. Standard paints are not as cost-effective as they would first appear because they are likely to look worn out and need to be redone much sooner.

A single wallpaper panel inside a sizable architrave frame may be just as striking as an entire feature wall. It will help create a sophisticated aesthetic, and you won’t go overboard on the price.

Create the illusion of a bigger window

It is easy to make the tiny windows in your home appear larger. Installing a thicker, larger window covering will make your windows appear bigger. Another way to achieve this illusion is to match your window treatments with the rest of your wall decor.

Choose a subtle design or a neutral hue like white or grey. With these colors, your windows will appear larger without standing out. Installing a skylight is another approach to give the impression that your windows are more prominent.

A skylight is a wise investment if you want to maximize the light in your home, but your windows are too tiny to let in enough natural light.

Coffee table display

Do you want to instantly, on a shoestring budget, enhance your living room aesthetic? Then create a coffee table display. This statement piece, the focal point of most people’s living rooms, will now look like something straight out of a Pinterest board.

The best part is you’ll only have to spend a few dollars.

Add a good candle, flower vase, chic coffee table book, and perhaps some adorable coasters, and voilà!

Freshen up your space with flowers and plants

Make it a habit to get fresh flowers for my living room and bathroom at least once weekly. Fresh flowers can breathe life and brightness into any area. Additionally, indoor plants could help you feel better, sleep better, and feel less anxious and stressed.

Come up with a gallery wall

Gallery walls are a terrific way to quickly and affordably decorate a bare wall and inject much-needed individuality into a space. Find prints, pictures, wallpaper, and album covers you can frame. Some interior design websites offer services that assist customers in organizing their gallery walls and selecting prints and frames that fit their spaces.

Consider using command hooks and picture shelves if renting since you don’t want to risk damaging the paint.


Your living space serves many purposes, so ensure the aesthetic and aura reflect this. These seven easy but effective tweaks can make all the difference when updating your living area.


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