Elaborating 4 Top Features of Psychiatry EMR

Mental health is a delicate field that demands the complete devotion of psychiatrists. It’s possible only by having a psychiatry EMR by your side. You can get by with any generic EMR solution, but it won’t be as effective and impactful as a specialized EMR solution. Psychiatry is a vast medical field that deals with hundreds of mental illnesses and thousands of symptoms. Psychiatrists can’t get a hold of these all.

But a specialized EMR is equipped with all known conditions patients are faced with and the tools to carry out an adequate diagnosis. It is not wrong to say that the needs and requirements of mental care providers are quite different from all other care professionals. And no EMR software can meet these demands as a psychiatry EHR can. This is why there’s an increasing demand for mental health records solutions in the market today.

There is a pool of EMR solutions therapists can choose from to opt for convenience in clinics. But not all solutions are alike. You have to ensure the one you select complies with your clinical goals and requirements. There is a wide range of features present in these specialized psychiatry EMR solutions. But to make the selection process easier, we have listed down the most commonly requested features in psychiatry EHR solutions.

So, let’s jump straight into the feature part

Must-have Features of Psychiatry EHR

Like all other electronic health records solutions, certain features define psychiatry EHR software. You might wonder how we compiled this list of the most in-demand services. So, we better tell you ‌we did so by reading the reviews of best-in-class psychiatry EHR vendors. Then, after doing a lot of consideration, we compiled a list of six exclusive reviews that a robust mental health solution must have.

Drug-controlled Prescriptions

We are starting with the most basic but the most critical service, e-prescribing. It is not possible to run an effective therapeutic practice without this tool. All mental care EMRs need to ensure that they offer substance-controlled prescription facilities. It ensures that providers don’t have to create new prescriptions from the ground up in every patient visit. We all know that psychiatric treatment isn’t just a matter of days, it goes along for a long time.

So, having the ability to control the element of drugs helps significantly. Doctors can remove the medications that have stopped working or are causing more harm than good. With this ability to renew existing prescriptions, the providers can change the drugs by updating the patients virtually. There’s no need for on-site visits; patients can directly collect the medication from their nearest pharmacy. Also, they can send refill requests electronically.

DSM Diagnosis Codes

Just like we mentioned above, there is a series of disorders and their treatment procedures to keep up with. And a therapist being a human, can’t memorize them all, as he is susceptible to making errors. For this very reason, he relies on top EHR systems. So, a robust psychiatry EHR must offer DSM diagnosis Codes capability besides all other features. This way, you can get to diagnose your patient’s condition instantly using the list of DSM codes at your disposal.

These codes will make things much simpler for you by reducing your brain pressure. You don’t have to jump through the hoop to discover what your patients are going through and how to treat their condition. They promote consistency in the healthcare network. You can easily communicate with other specialists to get second opinions about diagnosing mental health disorders using these.

Patient History

Dealing with psychiatric disorders means keeping up with the patients’ past medical records. Providing effective medication is the only way to achieve productive results. It is even highlighted in the reviews of psychiatry EHR that there are tools for managing past medical records. It greatly helps in summarizing patient visits and helps during diagnosis. For instance, doctors can learn about the drugs patients are addicted to.

It also helps understand which treatment process will be more impactful considering the previous records. In this context, the psychiatry EHR system features tools for notes retrieval. It is essential for viewing past records. This works by uploading the old documents and merging them with recent patient files. It assists providers by allowing them to compare past and present records.

Comprehensive Treatment Plans

You might be wondering why we included this feature, as it is commonly found in all EHR systems. But while reading the reviews of Psychiatry EHR solutions, we learned why some of them are preferred over others. Effective mental health systems include comprehensive treatment plans that providers can rely on o for months. There’s no need to create a new treatment plan from scratch every time a patient comes for a visit.

Psychiatrists need extensive plans, as psychiatric treatment continues for months and even years. Not all EMRs dealing in this field offer robust treatment plans that doctors can use for years. What they actually do is create a summarized form of every visit so providers can even monitor the progress by looking at the outlined information. It is highly effective and simplifies note-taking for the psychiatrist for good.

A Demo of How Psychiatry EHR Helps

We request you visualize all these features and imagine how they can simplify your hectic clinical routine. It will be just like a demo of how a psychiatry EHR will work in real-life. In addition, it will help you understand how effective a specialized solution is. If you don’t want to do this little activity, consider scheduling a demo with any top-rated psychiatry EHR. Then, explore the demo to have an inside look at your chosen psychiatry EHR software.

So, that’s all we had to tell you about the top-ranked services of mental health care solutions. Waste no time and set up a demo with any credible psychiatry EMR like RXNT. You will be amazed to see how effortlessly these solutions can streamline your clinical workflow. In the demo, the services like customized templates are also elaborated. And it will help you comprehend that investing in a specialized solution saves time and generates more revenue.

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