Elden Ring Ancestor Spirit Quest Guide: How to Summon and Beat It?

Ancestor Spirit awaits you in the underground region of the Siofra River, but it will take some effort to unlock the fight. Here is a guide with the position of the braziers, and strategic advice on how to achieve victory and win the excellent Ancestral Disciple summon.

The discovery of the first underground region of Elden Ring is a special moment in more ways than one, the places are enchanting, but also very dangerous. Getting a lethal arrow out of nowhere in the mounted behind is the norm around here. You will also have to earn rewards including the Elden Ring runes to face the local boss, the Ancestor Spirit.

Ancestor Spirit Location: How to Summon the Boss?

As you probably already suspect, you have to light the 8 fire obelisks present in front of the steles, scattered throughout the area in order to activate the remains and be able to face the boss at the back of the temple. You can easily see where you are by taking a look at the stairs leading to the boss: there are also 8 braziers that will light up as you progress. If you haven’t already, pick up the card at the foot of the stairs, on a corpse, to see more clearly.

Location of the 8 Fire Obelisks to Be Switched On

The area is not particularly large and the stelae are easy to spot, they are either on the edges of the map, i.e. at the foot of the cliff in the middle of the land, or at the edge of the cliff which overlooks the void. The others are usually on islands in the middle of the lake. Here is their precise position on the map to help you find them. Beware of spectral enemies who protect each stele, apart from the first, all the others are guarded. If you don’t see anyone, they’re in ambush. If you want to know how to complete the Alexander Quest, check out our guide of Elden Ring Iron Fist Alexander Questline & Location:–elden-ring-alexander-quest-guide-questline-locations-rewards.


  • A summoning spirit that can fight from a distance is a big help in this fight. For example the Soldier of Godrick.
  • Preparing a bow and arrow, spells, or other ranged attacks can help in this fight. The boss abuses his ability to fly. Throwing knives are also an option.

Fight Against The Ancestor Spirit

  • This boss is not very difficult, but it is a bit frustrating. You have to accept the fact that it is not always possible to achieve it. Also, don’t try to cross the spectral fire that separates you when he is on the ground, it hurts a lot. It is better to let him come to the end, something he will do horns forward. Just back up a bit and then roll sideways at the right time to end up on his flanks, then you’ll have the opportunity to attack him without too much risk.
  • Be prepared to roll sideways again if he flips around with a gore.
  • When he rears up on his hind legs to crush you, the solution is the same: a sideways roll at the right moment, which will give you the opportunity to counterattack.

Reward: 13,000 Runes & Ancestral Follower Ashes

In addition to the 13,000 Elend Ring Runes and the trophy, you will get one of the best spirit summoning ashes in the game, the Ancestral Disciple. It’s a carbon copy of Siofra River bow sniper minotaurs, so you have to visualize how great its potential is. He is a real slayer of dragons and flying enemies, he is quite robust, and he even knows how to defend himself in melee. We used it for most of the game, and it’s perfect for playing ping pong with the bosses. And it’s also not ridiculously powerful like the difficulty-ruining Mimic Tear. It still costs 86 CP to summon though, so you may need to invest in the spirit.

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