Elden Ring – How To Beat The Elden Beast

Although defeating Radagon in Elden Ring was difficult, it’s really nothing in front of the Elden beast, which is undoubtedly one of the most difficult fights in the entire game. If you are searching for the true form of Elden Ring, congratulations as you have found the Elden Beast, and he is the servant of the Greater Will.

You may remember that the encounter with Radagon was all about reflex and timing. Hold on as things are about to change because the Elden Beast is the true test of endurance. Elden Beast has the biggest health bar in the entire game. Even if you manage to deplete that large health bar and defeat the monster, you have to fight with Radagon again on your way back to the main arena.

To save you from demoralizing defeat against the Elden Beast, here is the ultimate Elden Beast guide with his attacks so you can dodge them.

Elden Beast Attacks

No matter how much Elden Ring experience you have, the chances are that you have never encountered anything like the Elden Beast because of its crazy abilities. Below are some deadly Elden Beast attacks that you should look for and dodge in the first place.

  • Ring prison: Elden Beast creates a ring of fire by flying upwards
  • Fire vomit: Vomits yellow fire in the shape of a spreading cloud
  • Galaxy cloud blast: Fires a line with stars in it which explodes after sometime
  • Artillery bombing: Drops glowing spikes at your character from the sky
  • Grab attack: Grabs the character and deals damage with the glowing hand
  • Blackhole teleport bomb: Elden Beasts teleports somewhere else by going into a black hole
  • Homing spark ball: Fires sparks of magic that follows the player and deal damage
  • Sword arc projectiles: Fires wide waves of energy at you by swinging the sword
  • Blast cone: Creates a cone of energy by jamming the sword into the ground to deal damage

Rewards and Remembrance

Elden Beast marks that you are close to the end of the game, and defeating him will give you the regret that your adventure through the dark world is finally coming to an end. Defeating him rewards you with pride as you have successfully overcome one of the most difficult bosses in the entire game.

The fight also rewards you with 500000 Runes and the Elden Remembrance that you can use to craft the Elden Ring Sacred Relic Sword. This is a wonderful sword with serious damage-dealing abilities, but you have the option to create the Marika’s Hammer as well.

Elden Beast Strategy and Tips

The Elden Beast has a lot of HP and features some unusual attack patterns that are difficult to predict. Improve your chances of surviving this battle with holy damage mitigating gear because the Elden Beast causes holy damage the most. Use runes to buy weapons that deal the most damage, and Buy Elden Ring runes if you need more. Both the Haligdrake Talisman and the Lord’s Divine Fortification Incantation as they are useful because of their holy damage resistance.

  • The recommended level for the Elden Beast is 120, and anything below level 120 reduces your chances of winning the battle. Equip weapons of a minimum level 22 or higher, but this doesn’t make it easy as you have to fight for every inch.
  • Avoid the holy damage at all costs because the Elden Beast regenerates his health from such attacks, while the Magic, Fire, and Lightning damage doesn’t have that much effect. Focus on the standard weapon damage as it will do the most and mix it with fire, magic, and lighting attacks from time to time for variation.
  • There is a glowing spot near the belly of the beast that is cracked through which you can deal extra damage. This requires you to stay in the danger zone, but it’s something to consider if you get the opportunity.
  • All status effects, including Bleed, Frostbite, Scarlet Rot, Poison, etc., have no effect on the Elden Beast as he is immune to most of them, so don’t waste your time.
  • The fight starts when you are away from the beast, and you can summon, heal, or apply buffs in the time being before going with usual attacks.
  • You may take the Elden Beast as a tank with a lot of health, but this isn’t the case as it can fly in the air or can move to other parts of the arena in the blink of an eye, making it almost impossible for your hit. Catching it is a difficult task, even for magicians who cast ranged spells. Use summons to pin it down to a point in the arena and deal damage meanwhile it is busy.
  • Don’t sprint blindly towards the beast. Instead, go with a strategy and keep an eye on your stamina. You will get in trouble if you reach near the beast and your stamina bar is empty because you won’t be able to counter any attacks.
  • To deal more damage, cast spells that feature a wide area of effect damage because of the size of the Elden beast. Those spells that fire multiple projectiles at the same time are even better. You should stop the beast from moving in the first place.
  • You can break the poise of Elden beast, but it requires a large number of attacks focused on the same point.

How to beat the Elden Beast?

The fact that Radagon had already depleted some of your health makes this fight difficult to the extent that you will be thrown out in the first few minutes without the proper strategy. You have to fight against Elden Beast with drained energy and resources and face Radagon on your way back to the arena in the same or even worse condition. MMOPixel features weapons that are effective against the beast. For maximum benefit, carefully fight with Radagon and lose minimum health to save it for a later encounter. Fill your bags with enough FP or Flasks for three fights.


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