Everything You Need to Know About the Top Variations of Online Rummy Game

Everything You Need to Know About the Top Variations of Online Rummy Game

Rummy is a relatively easy card game that one can learn and play on the smartphone these days. The love for this game has exponentially risen in recent years among Indians. You may have heard about this game, and would know the basics, but did you know that game of rummy has different variations too? If you weren’t aware, then read on to know the top variations of the enjoyable online rummy game, which can be played online no matter where you are, and it can make you even win cash too!

  1. Indian Rummy – Heard this name but don’t know how to play Indian rummy? Then let us guide you with information that can get you started. This game is also famously called “paplu”. This game can be played between 2 people using a single deck of 52 cards, up to 6 players can participate, where 2 decks of cards are used. Like standard rummy, each player gets 13 cards each. Now, these players have to arrange the cards into sequences and sets that are valid. The basic requirement to win the game is to have at least one pure sequence of three or four cards that comprises consecutive numbers of the same suit, and remaining cards put together as impure sequences or sets.


  1. Points Rummy – To answer your question of how to play points rummy, this is slightly different than the Indian rummy, here 2-6 players can participate and two decks of 52 cards each are used. As the name indicates, the game is played for points, and each point has a rupee value that’s decided before the game commences. This is the most prevalent variation of online rummy because it helps you win quick cash and it moves at a fast pace. All the players remain to alter to drop off high point cards. The loser has to calculate the points of the cards that were not a part of the set, and the winner gains cash based on the total points of the opponent.

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  1. Pool Rummy- Pool rummy is close to a lot of people because it makes them nostalgic about playing at a club with a group of friends. The basic rules of the game remain the same, however, each player pays an entry fee before the game begins, the entire collected amount is pooled together and the winner gets to take back the whole amount. This game has some interesting twists, players can drop off, and the remaining players can even decide to split the pooled money basis the agreement. This game can also get you eliminated if you reach scores of 101 and 201, so you need to stay on a watch.


  1. Deals Rummy – It’s a relaxed version of the 13 card rummy game, more for those who like challenges and have ample time on hand. Here each player is handed over virtual fixed chips and the decision of the number of deals to be played, is taken before the game begins. A person who manages to gather the most number of chips is declared the ultimate winner.


You can also participate in tournaments where you can play with like-minded people. The options are limitless and so is the fun!


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