Facts About Slots that you don’t know 

When we spin the reels on jackpot casinos, we get caught up in the moment as we anticipate the results of each spin. What is furthest from our minds at that exact moment in time, are things like, who invented slots and how are they made? However, if you take a step back to ponder these and other questions, then you can uncover a series of fascinating facts about these games that remain unknown to your average slot fan. 

Slot History Facts 

Slots have been around since the 1800s and this may come as a surprise to those who think that they only date back to the 1990s when they appeared online. Slot designs began to appear in 1887 and these continued to be worked on until the first big release of a slot game in 1894. History credits Bavarian-born mechanic and inventor Charles August Fey with creating the first coin-operated slot machine that got a mass public release. 

Charles made the Liberty Bell slot machine himself at his base in San Francisco, but he failed to copyright his design. The Liberty Bell proved a big hit, and this drew the attention of other inventors who were free to utilize his design and improve upon it. 

Earthquakes and Gambling Bans 

Few people know that a powerful San Francisco earthquake on the 18th of April 1906 destroyed 80% of the city’s buildings including the factory that was used by Fey to construct and store his Liberty Bell slot machines. Many Liberty Bells were lost but luckily a handful managed to survive the devastation. 

Another attempt to put the nail in the slot coffin came in 1902 when slots were banned across America. However, this gambling ban is behind one of the most fascinating facts about slots. Instead of the mass ban proving to be the death of slots, the cunning creators of these games chose to disguise them as sweet vending machines, rather than keeping them dormant for the duration of the ban. 

The Birth of The Fruit Machine 

To achieve this, anything associated with gambling had to be removed. This included cash prizes, playing card faces, and lucky charms, instead these were replaced with colourful fruits that would be attractive to children. The cash prizes were replaced with sweets and chewing gum that parents could treat their children with. 

When the gambling ban was eventually lifted, vending machines returned to the form that their creators intended, but with one interesting addition. The fruit symbols remained on the reels and gave birth to the first fruit machines. Even today in the hi-tech world of online slots, fruit machines are still thriving and now you know how they came to be. 

Modern Slot Facts 

Most slot gaming now takes place online and this has made slot games the most popular form of gambling. Most of the revenue created by the online gambling industry is generated by these slot games. 

Despite their popularity, slots remain illegal in several countries such as the United Arab Emirates, North Korea, and Qatar. 

Final Thoughts 

Whatever your thoughts are on slots, there is no denying that they have a fascinating history that has created some fascinating facts as well. 


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