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Follow these steps to maintain and care for your canopy tent

Most people have a presumption that a little brushing and dusting makes a 10 x 10 canopy tent good for future use. You need to bear in mind that the tent frames and fabric comprise special material that needs extra case.

  • Regarding the frame, keep all the bolts and nuts that accompany your tent frame. It’s indispensable for the tent’s structural integrity.
  • If you notice something unfastened or unlatched, you need to tighten it back and secure it to its place.
  • Before putting away the tent fame, you need to make sure that it’s completely clean and dry. If there’s any moisture on the frame, it could accumulate in no time, inviting rust and mold.
  • Experts recommend you perform a detailed audit after a trade show and before packing up the canopy.
  • Identification of worn-out or depleting parts is important as you need to replace them.
  • To ensure proper care for your canopy, remove all the debris and dirt from the tent. Inspect the body for wear and tear. You can then send it for repair or potential replacement.
  • Don’t forget to comb the zipper seams, windows, and doors.

The canopy care rules

After investing in a new 10 x 10 canopy, you need to ensure that it’s long-lasting. To ensure proper functionality, start with fabric care. Wash the canopy fabric with warm and soapy water.

  • You can use dish detergents for eliminating heavy tars and deposits. Eliminate the soap from both the sides before letting I dry.
  • You can use a garden hose and a spray nozzle as per the setting. Spray from the top to the base. The swiping fashion should be vertical until the entire soap residue vanishes.
  • Don’t ever bleach the canopy as it leads to discoloration of the fabric.
  • To dry the canopy, stretch it out fully. To keep the canopy off the ground, use things like sawhorses, clothesline, or even a pickup truck’s bed.
  • There are trucks that have fiberglass bed liner or black spray to retain heat. The components also expediate the drying process.
  • You need to allow the maximum light and air to hit the fabric as it reduces the potential accumulation of mold and mildew.

The waterproof features                                            

To make sure 10 x 10 canopy performs optimally, you need to know the properties that characterize its waterproofness and weather-resistance. You also need to consider a few factors before buying a canopy.

  • So, the three main features of water-resistant canopy tents are waterproof body and not water-repellant surface, waterproof seams, and general weather resistance.
  • The last point is pretty interesting. Some tents are both 100% waterproof and entail UV protection.
  • They form a lot of stability in windy conditions. There are premier companies that manufacture tents that are 100% waterproof. The water volumes in them are 60-80 inches.

The seams entail a finishing with impregnated channels or thread. It seals the fabric holes, which stem from sewing. It means that water cannot enter the tent. Additionally, the roof tensioning is at its optimal best, ensuring that water passes down quickly. You will not find a single formation of water pocket.


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