Four ways video SEO can help your business grow in 2022

In the last few years, video marketing has been the most popular marketing strategy different businesses use. Video SEO plays an important role in video marketing and is adopted by every business as the year passes by.

The advantages that every video marketer loves by applying Video SEO are ‐ higher engagement rates, increased channel of communication, higher CTRs, and organic reach. It also works as the extended branding for your social media for customers. 

According to Google itself, 80% of people say they switch between online search to watching videos when researching a product to buy. 

If you are in a product-based or service-based business, video SEO is definitely going to benefit your business/service. This blog will brief you about four different ways you can benefit from using video SEO in 2022. 

Did you know Youtube is the most popular video search engine in the world? It is being used more heavily than Bing and Yahoo combined. It clearly shows the power of video content. Adding videos on your site keeps your audience entertained and active, which surely acts as a way to get more conversions. 

As per Hubspot’s research, videos on landing pages can increase your conversion up to 80%. While email marketing, adding videos in your emails can grow leads for email subscribers by 51%. Using strong thumbnail images for your video can also boost click rate. 

As per Econsultancy, adding a thumbnail can increase 2x your viewers and traffic to YouTube videos. It creates the possibility of growing your list of potential customers to get more conversions.

Every video marketing is done to gain quality leads and more conversions. You are undoubtedly missing out if you are not considering video SEO efforts for your business in 2022. With the shift in content dynamics, video content is being watched more than reading text-based content. By sharing interesting video content, you can boost traffic on your website and get more conversions.

  • Build a robust online brand presence 

Having a robust online presence is extremely beneficial for your business in the present year. However, if you are looking for long-term goals, you need to keep growing your brand, and SEO-optimized video is a way to achieve the same. 

SEO-optimized video content helps your website rank better on search engines and increases brand visibility. Creating video content and publishing it using SEO optimization on Google and Youtube is another way to create your brand reputation. 

As much as you are visible to the public, it will help you build a strong connection with your potential customers. You can refer to video SEO tips to create a video that helps your page rank better and help you create your brand awareness. 

Do you know, as per Forrester, video results are 50 times more likely to be organically ranked in Google than text-based results? So you can add an explainer video on your brand’s website to help your customers get the required info regarding your brand. In addition, blog posts with video content have 53 times higher chances of getting ranked on the first page of google. 

Now every e-commerce business uses videos to describe themselves and their products. From product explainer videos to testimonial videos, every type of video helps them to build their brand more potent with more community engagement. 

Video SEO helps them push their video to a wider audience and create more potential customers. It also allows customers to make a quality buying decision and improve their customer experience, thereby helping their brand to create a powerful online presence.

  • Video SEO can boost your revenue growth

As important it is to reach a wider audience using video marketing, it is equally important to make your video reach your target audience. This will help you get more conversions and helps in increasing revenue for your business. 

With SEO-optimized title and video description, using relevant keyword selection is equally important to rank your video on search engines. This will help you get more customers, increase your net revenue, and give you the required result after using video SEO. 

According to Aimclear, search results including videos have a 41% higher click-through rate (CTR) than text-based results. As a result, adding SEO-optimized video on your website or Youtube helps you reach more people, thereby increasing revenue.

If your customers can understand your product through your video and are clear about your company and your products, there is a high chance that they will buy your product. 

Creating SEO-optimized explainer videos of your products and services or “how-to videos” also helps you get more customer attention. It also increases the chances of conversion and grows revenue. 

  • Get an edge over your competitors.

There is a chance that your competitors must also be using some sort of SEO techniques to give a healthy competition to your website. The competition increases significantly when multiple other businesses try to reach the same position on search engines. 

Video provides you an edge over your competitors, and SEO-optimized video content helps your brand stand out from others. Now, video results are displayed in search results. Especially “How-to” videos are being ranked more on the first page. It shows the importance of having SEO-optimized videos for your business. 


The best thing about video marketing is that it’s not limited to a single industry. Still, any business can use it to get the best results through SEO video marketing. From textiles to education and manufacturing to shipping, every industry can benefit from SEO-optimized video marketing. 

62% of businesses use YouTube to post video content regularly, and it helps their businesses to build their brand authority in terms of quality and brand value. Having online video content about your brand gives your customers a sense of assurance to believe in your business, make more purchases and help you take a step ahead of your competitors.

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