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PDFBear: Safe and Free Word to PDF Converter

Microsoft Word is the superior file format to use when creating research, case analysis, and other reports. It will let you make necessary changes as much as you want. Aside from that, it is also very convenient to use and accessible regardless of the operating system that you have. Despite these advantages, there will be instances that you would hate it and prefer other file formats like PDF. It often happens when you want to share the Word document with your colleagues to review the content. 

PDF or portable document format promises content uniformity when viewed using a different device. It has a non-modifiable characteristic that maintains the integrity of the content. Lastly, it occupies a smaller space in your storage space compared to Word files. For quicker and easier webmail file sharing, you might want to turn your Docx to PDF using PDFBear.

How to turn your Word file to PDF using PDFBear

It is hard to find a website that performs the conversion process more efficiently than PDBear. It operates through the Cloud, so there is no need to install it or purchase it before you can benefit from its services. You can use it anytime you need to convert Docx to PDF for as long as you have access to a working device and a stable internet connection. Here is how you can make the converter tool work. 

Step 1. Open any of the installed browsers

Determine a safe and reliable browser installed on your device. Most users recommend utilizing Chrome, Safari, or Edge because they do not present any potential threats. After you decide on the type of browser that you will use, open it and search for Once you reach the home page, you will see a variety of PDF tools. You can find the Word to PDF option under the convert category. 

Step 2. Transfer your Docx file to the toolbox

After clicking the Word to PDF tool, a new web page will appear on your screen. It will ask you to transfer your Docx file from your device to the toolbox. You can perform this step by opening your file manager first. Then, find the document you wish to convert into PDF and drag it to the space provided by the website. Another way to do it is by clicking the drop-down arrow beside the select a file icon. 

Step 3. Share the converted PDF file

The tool will process your request for converting the Word document right after you upload it. The average waiting time is less than a minute if the file is small and the internet is stable. It might take longer, but it is still faster compared to other websites, applications, and software. After seeing the converter PDF file, you may proceed with sharing it with your colleagues or friends. The website will provide two file-sharing options, including the use of a shareable link.

Step 4. Have a copy of the converted PDF file

It is crucial to have a copy of the converted PDF file within an hour. After that, you can no longer save it due to the customer safety policy implemented by the website. It aims to prevent future unauthorized access, which might lead to leakage of information. You can download the PDF both on your device and on your Google Drive or Dropbox account. 

Upgrade your free account to Pro

If you are managing digital files daily, availing a pro account will be beneficial. It has a lot of perks and benefits that will help increase your productivity and efficiency. Although the free account is already remarkable, you will see a positive difference in your work if you upgrade it. 

The pro account will let you use all of its services without limit. If you wish to compress a large document, you can shrink it to a maximum of 60%. For the free subscription, it will only compress it up to 25%. For extracting one PDF into multiple smaller files, the tool will provide several splitting options. The ultimate advantage of using this type of account is the absence of pop-up advertisements. At an affordable price, you can perform the modification of your digital files faster and more conveniently. 

Highly functional online tool 

Many people think that the website performs poorly just because it decided to offer its services without charge. What they don’t know is that it has a highly functional PDF converter that can maintain the accuracy of the content. Despite operating for free, it will not alter the formatting and layout of your document. You may use the same website when transforming your Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations to PDF. What is more impressive is that it is also capable of turning your images, such as JPG and PNG into PDF.

PDFBear partnered with solid documents to ensure a high-quality converted file. You will not have any issues with accuracy, resolution, and readability. Aside from conversion, the website also provides a wide range of editing tools. It includes adding electronic signatures, texts, watermarks, and page numbers. In addition to this, it can also repair corrupted documents and split large files into smaller ones. 

Critical with customer data privacy

The website is critical to customer data privacy. It does not want its users to feel unsafe when using its services. Hence, it invested in an impressive security system named 356-bit encryption technology. It adheres to the highest security standards so your hackers can’t steal your personal and confidential information. The server will give you 60 minutes to download the converted document. If you fail to do it within the said time frame, it will proceed to permanently delete it. As a result, you will find yourself performing the entire process again. With this privacy policy, you are guaranteed that the uploaded and converted document is exclusive to you only.


You will not survive handling digital files during the remote working setup if you don’t use online tools like PDFBear. It will help you from conversion to merging and splitting PDF documents. Experience all the perks of the website by accessing it now!



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