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Future Of Your Home Security

Security systems have been around for a long time. But these days, it’s not enough to have a system on your property. Homes are being invaded from the inside out using our data and information. It has become a social norm to share one’s life with the world online, including all aspects of our lives- including what we post about our homes on social media sites! As more people post pictures of their home decor, more people are trying to break into them. This means an additional need for security systems that keep up with technology and go beyond property lines. Read on to learn how future home security will be different.

Security of Cloud-Based Systems

Another way the home security industry is changing is because cloud-based systems are no longer exclusive to high-end homes. Current systems are only as good as the technology that runs them. Nowadays, technology is getting faster and cheaper and can be easily accessed. And the better the security technology, the better the protection it can offer. The data collected by these systems must be backed up and stored. This is the only way that future systems can be upgraded and added.

The home security industry will have to meet these additional needs to attract new customers. Future home security needs to be flexible and more dynamic than what we have seen in the past. It must be convenient and affordable for more people. It must look for more solutions to combat the problems that are surfacing.

Beyond Facial Recognition

We know that many homes already use security systems to alert them if they feel the need to notify law enforcement, and many of these systems use a person’s face to authenticate the person. However, this can not be the only authentication method. Current systems are limited from the industrial IoT perspective, and many home security systems only use facial recognition. The future of home security could look quite different, as more devices are being made with AI.

Smart Enclosures

Homebuilders are aware of this and are now putting the “intelligent” into home security. In these enclosures, there are small cameras that can signal the alarm system. This way, your system knows there is a problem right away, and you’re able to find out more about preventative actions before the intruder breaks into your home.

Intelligent Motion Detectors

Simply placing sensors on door and window frames will do next to nothing. It takes far more advanced technology to prevent a break-in. The traditional security systems just weren’t designed to keep up with the Internet. Intelligent Motion Detectors are an excellent solution for this. By tapping into the Internet of Things, they use wireless communication technology to detect changes in motion around your home and then send alerts to you through your smart devices. Unlike traditional alarm systems that work based on external sensors, Motion Detectors can follow their local environment and adjust their detection rate and send alerts based on how close the objects are in front of them.

Smart Body Heat Detectors

Every connected object in your home- from your appliances to devices in your bedroom, has to have a security system to function. However, home security can be complex for even the most technologically savvy homeowner because of the high installation costs and staff for routine checks. To help with this issue, security systems will monitor our bodies’ body heat, detect heat from strangers and trigger a camera alert before we even know they are there. The sensors would detect a person in front of your door and trigger an alert for your phone to help your security system prepare and send a staff member to your home.

A home security system is only as good as the weakest link in your security system. The ideal home security system will combine all the tech trends we’re seeing today into one reliable system that can go with you wherever you go. As more people become more concerned about online privacy, home security systems increasingly incorporate technology to protect your location so no one can hack into your home.


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