Get Youtube Unblocked With These Proxy Sites for Free in 2022

The internet is not as cost-free as it might seem. Some websites are blocked from users’ access due of censorship that is imposed by governments and internet service providers. Some websites are blacklisted by ISPs for various reasons, while others are geo-restricted. There are several tools you may use to unlock banned websites, though. To access websites that are blocked in your area, you can utilise Proxy Sites, VPNs, or private DNS servers.

When it comes to restricted websites, YouTube is in the lead. One of the websites that is most frequently prohibited worldwide. There are many videos that are blocked in some places. If you’re having trouble viewing YouTube, we may be able to help you unblock YouTube material so you can watch your preferred videos without any limitations. The free YouTube proxy websites listed below can be used to access YouTube even if it is blocked in your area.

First Free YouTube Proxy, Genmirror

One of the most effective ways to unblock YouTube is to use this free proxy sites provided by Genmirror. To unblock YouTube wherever you are, it offers a free SSL web proxy that can be accessed on cellphones, PCs, and tablets. Simply enter the YouTube URL in the website’s form to launch YouTube using Genmirror. As you will be accessing the proxied versions of restricted YouTube videos when using the Genmirror YouTube Proxy on a smartphone, you can also save a significant amount of traffic. Additionally, Genmirror Free YouTube Proxy works to protect your online anonymity. The website is littered with adverts, though, which can put some people off.

2. Unblock YouTube with a proxy site

If you are unable to access YouTube, Proxysite is a great alternative website. The user-friendliness of this proxy website was taken into consideration during design. There are very few advertisements, and they don’t interfere with how you use the site. To access the prohibited website, just type “” into the website’s text field and select the server you want to use. This free YouTube proxy website offers over 20 European and American servers.

3. HMA No Cost YouTube Proxy

If you want to unlock restricted websites, another well-known term is HMA or HideMyAss. If YouTube is prohibited in your area, using their free YouTube proxy is simply one of the quickest ways to view it. Due to the fact that it is a free proxy, there are some restrictions. For instance, you are only permitted to utilise the HMA free YouTube proxy tool in a single tab. You can buy the premium edition of HMA, which guarantees complete anonymity while using the internet and promises to unblock prohibited websites, if you want to get beyond these restrictions.

4. The user-friendly YouTube proxy website AtozProxy

There is no better solution than Atozproxy if you’re looking for a straightforward tool to access YouTube in your country. Similar to Proxysite, another free YouTube proxy website listed above, this free proxy website features a user-friendly layout and fewer obtrusive adverts. Enter the YouTube URL and use the Browse button on the page to utilise it. Atozproxy uses cutting-edge SSL encryption technology to obfuscate your online footprints and render you undetectable.

5. CroxyProxy – Using a proxy, unblock YouTube

YouTube may be accessed via CroxyProxy, a website that allows users to access any website that has been restricted. This proxy website employs cutting-edge technology to get beyond limitations imposed by governments and ISPs. Using this proxy website, you can access all of the YouTube videos. CroxyProxy allows HTML5 video and audio playing, in contrast to other proxy websites. Enter the URL in the text field and click Go to use CroxyProxy to unblock YouTube. CroxyProxy is also available as a Chrome extension, which reduces the need to visit the proxy website each time you wish to unblock YouTube, which is another reason it is on this list. Installing the extension will allow you to click through to banned YouTube videos.

We have an article on how to rapidly download playlists from YouTube if you’re wondering whether you can download playlists from the site or not.

Not functioning on YouTube? Utilize these unpaid proxy sites.

When YouTube is down, you can still see the videos on the video streaming site by using the aforementioned free proxy websites. All of the aforementioned YouTube proxy websites have been put through testing, and we can vouch for the fact that they were all operational at the time of writing. Keep checking back as we’ll be updating this list of free YouTube proxy sites.


How can I circumvent the YouTube proxy settings?

By using services like Genmirror, Proxysite, and CroxyProxy, you can get around YouTube’s proxy settings.

How can I view YouTube videos that are blocked?

A VPN is a popular alternative to proxy services for unblocking particular geo-restricted YouTube content.

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