Guardians of The Galaxy 3 – All You Need to Know

Are you a Marvel lover? If yes! Then you are on the right spot. I am also waiting for guardians of the galaxy 3 just like you guys! The last movie was released in 2017 and the fans are still waiting for the third installment. Many of us were expecting that the movie will release this year. Unfortunately, it is not going to happen.

The fans still have to wait for at least 2 more years. There are lots of things happening such as the rehiring of the director/writer James Gunn. Another reason was that Gunn went off to make the movie The Suicide Squad for DC. However, the owner of Marvel Studios has confirmed that they are going to make guardians of the galaxy 3.

The question is when it is going to release. In this article, we will share everything that you need to know about this movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 – Release Date

Currently, we do not have any solid release date for the movie. However, Gunn has confirmed that we can expect this movie in 2022. He has also confirmed that they have started filming the movie in February. Also, he added that the delay is not because of the Marvel plans.

He said, “I can confirm that the plans for when we’re filming #GotGVol3 & when it’s being released have not changed at all over the past year & a half or so. Any rumors otherwise are false.”

So, when we will be able to watch the long-awaited Guardians of galaxy 3? We have some release dates for other Marvel movies for the next three years. Let’s see when they will release this movie.

We guess that the movie will release on July 28, 2023. However, it is just a guess as the original date depends on when they will start filming.

Guardians of The Galaxy 3 – Cast

There are lots of changes after the Avengers: Endgame. We can see that one of our favorite guardians Gamora is alive again. You need to keep in mind that this Gamora is from the past and does not know the history of the Guardians.

Furthermore, other characters Star-Lord, Mantis, Drax are back after the snap with Rocket and Nebula. Gunn has mentioned a fun writing about Rocket’s and Nebula Arcs and also lots to work on the movie.

We can also see that the Guardians have a new member in the form of Thor. We can expect that he will be in guardians of the galaxy 3. But Thor is also going to appear in Thor: Love and Thunder. What will happen in this movie whether it is before his adventure with the Guardians or after.

Vin Diesel has also revealed that some of the Guardians will appear in the new Thor movie. Gunn has also mentioned that we are going to see Golden-skinned, Ayesha and she has a significant part in the movie.

What Will This Movie Be About?

Many of us think that this movie will happen before infinity war. But Gun has said that the film will happen after the Endgame. We have gathered some pieces that say that the movie will happen 4 years after the 2nd installment.

Some also speculate that the movie will happen after the disappearance of Gamora. Gunn wants to complete the movie as soon as possible.

Gunn also mentioned Adam-Warlock (he is the male counterpart in the comics), who was expected in the guardians 2, but now will appear in the latter film. This movie is indeed important for the MCU future, but these delays will not let this happen.

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