Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive – What to Choose For Your Laptop?

Hard disk or the SSD, which to buy for your laptop is not a million dollar dilemma but it certainly decides how good your computer performs. Solid State drives or SSDs as they are known are some of the most versatile inventions in the computing world. These drives are very necessary in the software industry these days. This is due to the fact that the SSDs provide faster file transfer speeds than the conventional Hard Disk Drives. So, it is natural for companies and professionals to shift from HDDs to SSDs for smooth operations. Here’s a look at the difference between SSDs and HDDs, so you may gain a better understanding of the two. Even when you buy the cheapest SSD laptop the performance will be much better than a HDD laptop. Let’s see why.

What are Hard Disk Drives?

Hard Disks are made using magnetic disks. This makes them naturally tough, both in terms of their sizes and their operation. The magnetic disks in them are where the data is written and overwritten again and again to provide continual data storage and transfer. You can feel the disks rotating inside the HDDs when they are normally working. These continuously rotating disks have their limitations in terms of the maximum data that can be transferred in a second.

At the max, they can reach up to 40MB/s and it averages out to 20MB/s. This speed might seem good for a normal user with minimal data storage requirements. But, if you are working in the media editing or the gaming industry, you will know that this speed is a paltry figure. Also, the slow speed of HDDs can make your computer lag and slow down.

What you need is a much faster way to handle all your files. This is where the SSDs come in.

What are Solid State Drives?

SSDs on the other hand, use Integrated Circuits (IC) Chips to store and transfer data. In terms of stability, the SSDs stand out better than the HDDs. SSDs can easily reach file transfer speeds up to 500MB/s. The latest developments in SSDs, the NVMe SSDs, have a speed of around 3.5 GB/s. Imagine what you can do with such capacities.

Which Is Better, SSD Or HDD?

The slower speeds of HDDs can also affect your laptop in other ways, no matter how good your processors and RAM are. This is why it is better to buy SSD integrated laptops for all your resource intensive work such as media editing, gaming, analysis software (ANSYS, CATIA) works, etc. SSD laptops provide an overall smooth operation even when you have a high workload.

Getting a cheap SSD laptop, also provides a good advantage in terms of the laptop performance.

What Laptop Should You Buy?

With all the advantages of SSDs, why aren’t we seeing them in all computers, you ask? The answer is the relatively high cost of SSDs. The HDDs are easy to manufacture and assemble, this attributes to their low cost. On the other hand, the SSDs are a little costlier.

But, the price of the SSDs is compensated by their long-lasting high performance. You can see large software firms shifting to SSDs after they see their potential and high performance. They see the cost as an investment, rather than a liability.

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