Here’s How Bright Pattern Can Use AI for Your Company

Bright Pattern offers a wide range of cloud contact center solutions for mid-and enterprise-size businesses. Their business solutions effectively improve communication across all channels, allowing for faster problem resolution and more options while maintaining high customer service. One of the many features of their business solutions is artificial intelligence (AI) which is worked into all of their solutions to make them the best and most advanced option on the market.

While many people may think of artificial intelligence as robots moving around acting like humans, it is really a computer system responsive to changing data. As more data is provided, the actions and responses of the AI will change because it can build on the information it has already received. It is called artificial intelligence because it is intelligent and has the ability to learn despite not being human or having a human brain. AI is integrated into a variety of computer programs and software to make it more interactive and evolve with the changing needs of the users.


1. Speed Up Resolution

Solutions can be proposed or implemented quickly and effectively. The AI solutions will speed up customer problems due to its advanced ability to understand and diagnose what they are calling in about. The ability to speed up resolutions makes the company run more efficiently and improves overall service. The customers will be relieved and excited to have their problems solved without sitting on the phone for hours.

Additionally, the AI technology ensures that the incoming calls are quickly routed to the next available agent, so there are no long wait times for customers calling in. Being able to improve efficiency and service will increase profits. Although the software programs are an expense, they are more adequately viewed as an investment in the future of your business.


2. Reduce Friction

AI can reduce friction by providing agents with suggestions while on the phone with the customer. As the customer reports their problems or concerns, the AI will pop up suggestions for the agent to talk to the customer about.

As the conversation progresses, the suggestions will change to cater to any new information. This reduces friction between the agent and the customer while also speeding up the resolution, which, as already stated, will also improve overall customer service. While some customers will never be satisfied, offering real solutions to their problems quickly without making them sit on hold will go a long way in making the customer happy.


3. Offer Self-service

With AI, you can also use virtual agents for a multitude of problems. There will always be a need for live agents to solve problems that aren’t a quick fix. However, a lot of the phone calls you’ll get to the customer service line will be things that can be resolved between the customer and the AI virtual assistant.

Again, this will speed up resolutions, reduce friction, and improve overall customers services. While some people want to talk to a real person, most are perfectly content working with a virtual assistant as long as their problem is solved without wasting too much time.


4. Provide Quality Assurance

Utilizing AI will improve overall quality assurance by providing you with all the tracking, reports, and recordings you need to completely and comprehensively track the calls coming in and out of your call center. When a customer is dissatisfied and wants to speak to a manager, you can know exactly what happened during their initial phone call.

If you observe an increase or decrease in business without changes to call volume, you can go through your quality assurance data to see if something is going on in your call center at may be causing the changes.


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