Hiring and Retaining Better Means Smarter Tech

There’s no limit to what we can achieve when the right team is in place. A diverse group of skills and experience helps companies accomplish more than the sum of their parts.

However, some sectors are facing enormous problems hiring and retaining workers amid economic uncertainty and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses can stabilize their core HR processes by using software designed specifically to improve hiring, retainment, and more.

Let’s take a closer look at how job description software works.

Perfect Job Descriptions, Sooner

HR professionals struggle to find the optimal descriptions of the jobs for which they’re hiring. In small companies, employees must pivot to different roles, which defies easy description. In larger businesses with multiple divisions, it’s difficult to understand the heart of every niche position.

An industry leader like HRSG helps companies integrate competencies right from the beginning by putting competency-based job descriptions at their HR’s fingertips. Your HR professionals can spend less time crafting the perfect job description when they have a database of competency-based descriptions right there.

They can also customize them as needed. The competencies, skills, and behaviours at the core of the job descriptions are leveraged throughout foundational HR practices, from the interview and beyond.

Probing Interviews

Focusing on core competencies helps HR pros pick the right resume out of the pile, but it also helps to ask better follow-up questions during the job interview itself. Identifying competency is the first step; probing to verify for it is the second. Job description software makes doing both easy.

Companies have a lot to lose through bad hiring processes. Training a new hire, only to have them perform poorly, is a drag on finances and operations. Either the company can cut their losses, release them, and hire again, or they can suck it up.

Knowing what to ask during the interview adds an important layer to the hiring process, ensuring a suitable fit for each position.

Retain Employees Longer

Despite its name, job description software plays a crucial role in the company long after the initial interview wraps up! The competencies at the heart of the job descriptions become the basis for evaluation and retention moving forward.

Managers and executives can provide employees with explicit targets and goals to reach to get their next promotion, which makes workers feel in control of their work and personal finances. There’s a major difference between giving employees vague instructions and promises versus concrete metrics and a path to achieve them.

Meanwhile, companies can map the trajectory of every employee to make better short- and long-term plans.

Business is still about people at the core. Whether it’s new teams building camaraderie and learning processes, sales associates reading consumers to close a sale, or executives aligning with their board, companies succeed when people do well with people. If you rely on job description software, your business can assemble the right pieces sooner and keep them working more effectively for longer.





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