Home Insulation in NOLA: How Effective is Cellulose Insulation?

When you are using cellulose insulation, it is made out of cotton, paper, straw, cartons, corn cobs, hemp, and sawdust, so this is a 20 percent non-toxic borate compound making it non-hazardous and a bit more eco-friendly compared to other insulations. 

With cellulose insulation in New Orleans, it is mixed with compounds that would help make it fire resistant, heat resistant, insect resistant, mildew resistance, and mold resistant. This would also have to be one of the more affordable options in the market, making it far more accessible.

What is Cellulose Insulation?

A cellulose inoculation is a type of insulation that uses post-consumer recycled paper content. This would help you maintain a sustainable home. It is made out of 75 percent to 85 percent recycled paper fiber and compared to other insulation systems, this would not require any extra moisture barrier. You would also be able to install in between tight spaces, between your walls, electrical wires, and ductwork.

What are the 3 Forms of Cellulose Fiber?


A form of cellulose fiber is through parking this cellulose as densely as possible because this would help in minimizing any air pockets in the area. Only experienced technicians would be able to do this because this is a difficult process that inexperienced people would not be able to do properly.

Wet Spray

Another form of cellulose fiber is by spraying a mixture of water, cellulose, this retardant mixture, and sometimes a small amount of adhesive into walls that are newly constructed. Doing this would help stop any bacteria, mold, and fungi growth. 

This would help in selling some of the wall cavities so much better, giving off a more consistent air clock. When using this kind of cellulose fiber, you are going to have to make it sit for about a day before it would fully be able to take effect.

Dry Loose-Fill

When you are talking about dry-loose fill, it uses dry cellulose by blowing the materials through drilled holes. They are usually found on top of the walls, through the retainers, or through the nettings that were clamped to the walls. They are retrofitted into the area that you want to install them, maybe in your home or in your office.

What Are the Common Uses of Cellulose Insulation?


If you want to be able to soundproof your room or a certain area, then you could use cellulose inoculation to do so because this is the perfect way to help reduce any passage of sound through walls. That is because this uses a much denser material compared to the fiberglass insulation, so there is much more noise dampening.

Pipes and wiring

When you are looking for insulation that would be able to fit in your pipes, then you could use cellulose insulation because this would really help seal all of the air pockets. This is a safer option compared to fiberglass. And using this would help you save more money in the future, be more eco-friendly, and help you protect your family and/or employees so much better. 

Vapor barrier

If you are struggling with moisture problems, then having cellulose insulation would help with that since it could act as this vapor barrier. So this would be able to help you have this barrier from vapor while also retaining more breathability in the room.

Mold and pest control

Using cellulose insulation these compounds that are added could help in preventing any growth of mold on your walls. This would also help in keeping all of the poets out of your insulation, which is very much needed, especially when you are living in a place full of moisture and a lot of pests.

How Effective is Cellulose Insulation?

Using cellulose insulation is valued at about R-3.5 per inch of thickness, the R showing the level of their resistance with the heat flow. Cellulose insulation is a great way to use as an air-blocker as it helps close up some of the cracks, voids, and gaps in the area. So getting cellulose insulation for your home, you are being more cost-effective, and thermally efficient, and it would give you a much more comfortable solution compared to other insulations.


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