How Can a Content Hub be Your All-Powerful Media Magnet?

Have you ever wondered what the next big thing is for your company? Creating a content hub is one of the most powerful ways to generate new leads, develop a sense of community, and drive increased revenue.

A hub can be many things, but at its core, it is an online destination where relevant information about your brand is shared with customers through blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, and more.

What is A Content Hub?

By definition, a content hub is an online destination where customers can access articles, videos, and more on various topics. Customers visit the content to educate themselves on your brand, but they’ll also stay for entertainment purposes.

According to Hubspot’s State of Inbound 2016 report, 79% of people are likely or highly likely to be entertained by branded content. What’s more, customers are willing to share branded content with their network of friends and followers. Thus, it can be a powerful way for your brand to earn free word-of-mouth advertising.

Benefits of A Content hub

Content hubs are known to:

  • Improve SEO
  • Increase brand awareness and engagement
  • Engage customers through entertainment value while sharing company updates and news
  • Drive traffic to your website or blog

Challenges for Content Marketers Without A Content Hub

For content marketers, the benefits of a content hub are endless. The main challenge for those without one is creating and distributing relevant content through several channels.

Content creation can be time-consuming and costly if done manually across multiple social media platforms. Not only would you have to spend money on additional staff or freelancers, but it takes time to produce and distribute content across several platforms.

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Rewards for Content Marketers With a Content Hub

Customers are time-strapped and expect companies to provide the information they need quickly. Hub software like, the one offered by Contentful, simplify this process by providing customers with one destination where all your company’s content is centralized.

Furthermore, it will be easy for you to promote new products or services because everything can be found in one place. With a content hub, you will be able to provide customers with the information they need about your brand without having them dig around your website or social media.

How to Recognize an Effective Content Hub?

Many factors go into creating an effective content. First, you need to have a plan in place detailing how your brand can make valuable and actionable information for customers.

It would be best to implement editorial guidelines, so each piece of content follows the same voice and tone across all channels. Lastly, make sure to build relationships with industry influencers to help promote your content.

3 Steps for a Successful Content Marketing Campaign

The first step is to set up a hub. Then, you should create an editorial calendar to help map out your content strategy. Lastly, engage with influencers and encourage customers to share the information they find on your website or blog.

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