How can a personal injury lawyer help you in a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle accidents and fatalities have been on the rise in the US over the past decade. Statistics show that cars making left turns account for about 42% of crashes between cars and motorcycles. 

The average motorcycle settlement is estimated to be worth around $200,000. This is why you want to have a good personal injury lawyer working on your case to recover maximum compensation for your damages.  

If you’re wondering about the ways a personal injury lawyer can help you with this, here’s a quick overview of the most important aspects of legal work that can benefit you and your case: 

Analysis of the case 

No two personal injury cases are the same. There is no universal formula that can be applied to each claim that arises from a motorcycle accident injury.  

For this reason, hiring an objective legal expert to analyze the unique circumstances of your case for the sake of figuring out the best course of action in the legal proceedings is advised.  

After gathering all the necessary information during the consultation, and upon taking a look at any documentation provided on the accident, a personal injury lawyer will be able to: 

  • Identify the cause of your accident, as well as the liable party 
  • Initiate the process of identifying the extent of your injuries 
  • Identify the key aspects, strengths, weaknesses and the value of your case 
  • Build a narrative that benefits you as an injured party 
  • Prepare you for a deposition  
  • Represent you in the court and so much more. 

Assessment of the damages 

Right after getting injured, you’ll want to have the extent of your injuries assessed. The insurance company will, fairly quickly, try to talk you into accepting compensation that is usually a lowballed offer compared to what you’re entitled to. This is something you want to be aware of. 

Moreover, if you decide not to settle, you’ll need to know the exact amount of money you’re after before initiating legal proceedings.  

LAW S&B can help you with an estimate of special, medical special and general damages. These include: 

  • Costs of repairing your damaged motorcycle 
  • Lost wage and loss of future earnings 
  • Vacation time that you’ve used up for recovery  
  • Medical bills 
  • The compensation for physical pain, anxiety, suffering, etc.  

Don’t forget that you need proof of actually having these expenses. By hiring a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible, you can ensure that a professional keeps records of these expenses and effectively organizes them for presentation before the judge.  

Gathering of the evidence 

Bloodied clothes, receipt, photos of your injuries and a damaged vehicle, footage of the accident scene from the surveillance cameras, witness statements, lab results, police reports – these are all solid pieces of evidence that can work in your favor when seeking damages for personal injury. 

Evidence can be impacted by the weather, damaged, lost and stolen, so it is important to preserve it as fast as possible and ensure that its quality is intact. 

Keeping a diary of events and being honest with your lawyer can help them identify the necessary pieces of evidence to gather, where to gather them, whom to contact and how to report on them. 

External communication 

To build a strong case, a fair amount of communication with third parties will be necessary.  

For starters, your lawyer will need to communicate with your medical professional to understand the cause of your injuries, the extent of them and the extent of your future medical needs. 

Furthermore, your lawyer will have to communicate with an insurance provider regarding a fair settlement.  

Having a legal expert on your side when negotiating with insurance companies can help you cover not only past and present but future economic losses as well. 

Further importance of a lawyer participating in these negotiations comes in the form of someone professional and experienced being able to assess the strength of your claim and give you a realistic estimate of your odds, whether you should settle and how much you should settle for.  

While your lawyer is focused on handling your case, you can focus on recovering from your injuries and moving on from the traumatic experience without having to endure any additional stress. 

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